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Hala El Shafie, wants to change your attitude to food. If you are sick and tired of fad diets, fluctuating weight and emotional eating, Hala is the woman you need to see. Hala is here to help anyone who really wants to get a handle on her (or his) relationship with food, understand themselves and their eating patterns and improve their body image. Hala believes that identifying the triggers that make us reach for the cakes and chocolate will result in a much healthier relationship with food.

Nutritionist and dietician Hala has been featured in The Times and The Daily Mailand writes a nutrition column for an international medical journal. Her work has ‘relatively little to do with calories and everything to do with emotions’ she explains. ‘Emotional eating’ – eating when you’re not actually hungry – is rife, she says. ‘For every unsustainable diet, you eventually regain the weight and then some,’ says Hala. ‘I may tell clients that, from now on, they’ll be eating more – and their response is terror. My role is to assure them that if they eat regular meals and enjoy their food in a healthy way, their weight will stabilise.’ As Hala says herself, much of her work is not rocket science: ‘Weight is basically calories in versus energy expenditure,’ she says. Yet somehow, for so many women, it’s an issue that never goes away.

At the first appointment, you will be given some basic guidelines. ‘It sounds very boring, but you need to have a regular meal pattern so that you don’t get the blood sugar highs and lows and you’re less prone to cravings,’ she says. Everyone should eat three meals a day, ensure regular fluid intake and choose foods that keep blood sugars stable (hummus and crudités, pulses, chicken, fish, vegetables, whole-wheat pasta, whole-grain rice). The next few sessions will see you undertaking tasks such as keeping a detailed ‘food diary’ as well as ‘mood journal’ which identify the feelings that prompt you to over- (or under-) eat. A history ‘timeline’ can also pinpoint the start of a problem and Hala will address the underlying issues. These small, manageable steps will ultimately lead you towards a healthier, happier lifestyle and relationship with food.

Hala El-Shafie specialises in eating disorders, obesity management and bariatric nutrition. Many other clients have no visible weight ‘problem’ at all – yet they’re tyrannised by food, fat and body image. They are women who can’t enjoy food without guilt, who medicate their emotions by raiding the fridge, but wake the next morning mortified and determined to miss breakfast.

With over 10 years experience in the field, Hala has a unique and exceptional understanding of the emotional and psychological issues often associated with food and has created a successful holistic client-centred approach that has brought her an extensive and loyal following, including a number of high-profile and celebrity clients. If you need help taking out the emotion in eating, stopping yo-yo dieting once and for all and information, guidance and support on how to eat well, enjoy, your food and love your natural weight – then book in for an appointment with Hala.

Hala is available Wednesday the 18th Sept from 3.30pm -9.30pm and Wednesday the 9th October from 3.30pm -9.30pm. Please email or call 0207 581 7250 to make an appointment


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