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New to the KX Spa | Reflexologist Paolo Lai

We have an exciting new addition to the KX Spa team. Paolo Lai is a renowned reflexologist with a long list of devotees including numerous celebrity clients.

Unlike traditional reflexology, which employs strategic massage to your feet, facial reflexology maps the body on your face. Paolo uses rosehip oil on carefully selected facial muscles, working wonders on tired skin by working the muscles beneath the skin’s surface.  The Japanese Cosmo Facial Lifting Massage activates the central nervous system and the meridian zones, to achieve complete balance and rejuvenation, from the face down to the rest of the body. ​

Paolo explains “it lifts you from within”, because it relieves facial tension, promoting a sense of relaxation while improving lymphatic drainage and blood circulation. It eliminates toxins, oxygenating the tissue, and stimulating production of collagen and elastin.​​ Frequent treatments can also reduce superficial wrinkles, and improve the tone and texture of the skin

Paolo also specialises in Maternity Reflexology. Not all women feel the same change, and each pregnancy is unique. Paolo’s Maternity Reflexology helps the realignment of body energies during the whole process.  Reflexology can help restore this balance, allowing the “mum-to-be” to adapt and educate her body for the rest of the pregnancy.Reflexology increases relaxation, improving sleeping patterns, and general well-being, so is ​​​​​​​incredibly effective after birth to restore energy levels, and balance emotional level and body functions.

Paolo offers the following treatments:
Maternity and Pregnancy Reflexology
ART Advanced Reflexology Techniques
Facial Reflexology (Sorensensistem)
Japanese Facial Lifting Massage (Sorensensistem)
Indian Head Massage
KHT Korean Hand Therapy

Paolo is available at KX on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, please schedule in advance due to limited availability.
For more information about any aspect of the Spa Department, please feel free to contact the Spa Manager Joanne Such:

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