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Nutrition: A Funny Old Game

Nutrition’s a funny old game at the best of times. This month, a few things have gone on which I thought I’d share with you.

Yesterday I went shopping and forgot two things as normal, cat food – specifically kitty crunches – and grapefruits. I’m a fan of the old grapefruit for it’s insulin sensitising effects and favourable outcomes on fat loss, when taken for a while as part of an energy-controlled lifestyle plan.

It also makes medication stronger – that’s good for me = take less medication, but bad for someone else as the medicine might get too strong – so don’t use if you are on anything prescription wise, pain killers without checking with your doctor first.

Anyway – I was thinking about popping along to collect the missing food items I thought good idea for a diet, kitty crunches and grapefruit juice – might catch on…

It was only when I put the TV on and saw an advert for these said kitty crunches – main stream brand and frankly very healthy for the cats, full of essential fats, vitamins, minerals, proteins and fibres – that I realised these feline friends were probably better nourished than the average Brit. The next advert for pot noodles confirmed my suspicions; imagine trying to maintain a nice shiny coat after eating that for a while….

On a separate note, I’ve been looking through a few bits of research recently one of these a study from America confirmed the obesity epidemic over there (and probably over here too) was pretty much all down to winter (holiday) weight gain. Apparently we gain 2-3kg in the Christmas period and lose 1.5-2kg afterwards. This accounts for the annual increase for 1kg or about 2lbs across a lifetime and nothing else – according to the researches anyhow.

So a few days aiming for a 1000 calorie burn each day followed by some fasting (controlled) and I’m down a couple of kg ahead of the winter binge… in 4 weeks. It might be time to think ahead and take some of the guilt from your Christmas dinner!

Finally, protein pulses – the way forward for triggering anabolic response, particularly in the older athlete.. at 40+ I’m looking into anything which keeps my spring in my step getting older! Suffice to say if an athlete isn’t stimulated, they won’t be performing at their best, and the 3 things which keep a man’s health in that department are testosterone, dopamine and circulation.

Intrigued? Stay posted and we’ll cover this area in the New Year….

Matt Lovell BA (Hons) Dip ION NTCC CNHC Reisterd mBANT is an elite sports nutritionist and the director of Perform and Function. He also shares insights on his Sports Nutrition Vlog


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