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Priori Peel and Dermaroller

I have been working in the beauty industry for fifteen years and over the years, I have worked with many product ranges and treatments.

I can honestly say that Priori Peels and Dermaroller have been the most result driven treatments that I have come across in my career.

Priori peels are the ultimate anti ageing skin care for every consumer, coming in three different forms:

Priori coffeeberry peel:

Natures most potent anti ageing botanical, this is an ideal choice for the eco-conscious consumer. It has high levels of plant-deprived antioxidants found in the coffee cherry including plant enzymes. Not only does the coffeeberry naturally reduce fine lines and wrinkles it improves skin tone and fights pigmentation in darker skins.

Key benefits:


Priori advanced AHA peel:

This unique AHA peel not only exfoliates the skin causing dead skin cells to flake off and stimulate healthy skin regrowth, it has an anti ageing effect by stimulating collagen and ellastin production.

This amazing peel has a time release complex releasing lactic acid and essential skin vitamin antioxidants A,E,C and pro vitamin A for eight hours.

Key benefits:
-Normalizing acne skin
-Minimize lines and wrinkles

Priori Idebenone:

Idebenone complex is the most advance anti ageing product on the market and the most powerful man made antioxidant.

Idebenone is the only antioxidant which fights both natural ageing and environmental ageing also delivering the most highest level of skin rejuvenation this peel is ideal for sun damage and pre mature aged skin.

Key benefits:

-Eliminates redness/inflammation
-Uneven pigmentation
-Lines and wrinkles
-Environmental protection


Dermaroller is a treatment that can be used on many different types of skin problems/conditions from my experience I have seen amazing results either from an one off treatment or a course of treatments.

Dermaroller can improve the appearance of:

-Acne scars
-Lines and wrinkles
-Sun damaged skins
-Stretch marks.

Over the years of working with priori and dermaroller at KX I have found that I can mix the two treatments together creating an unique program for each individual client targeting their problems.

Combining the dermaroller and selected peel in a treatment course stimulates the skin to repair and regenerate itself leaving younger, brighter, healthier and more radiant looking skin.

With 15 years experience, Sakria is joined KX in 2006 after previously working with Daniel Hersheson Spa in Harvey Nichols. Adpoting an adaptive approach, tailored to clients needs and concerns, Sakira gives clientele a sense of wellbeing, confidence and enhanced self eseteem. Sakira specialties inlcude:
– Hair Removal
– Corrective Faicals
– Body Contouring Treatments

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