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Old school, modern, new ways, old ways, traditional, updated – Boxing is one of those sports that we are constantly being bat and balled backwards and forwards between old school methods and keeping up with modern day concepts.

At KX, we pride ourselves on our ability to adapt and accept the ever-changing face of the sport. Now, what has prompted me to write this small piece was one of my clients has just returned from a skiing trip and thanked me for getting them into tiptop shape for the trip.

They told me their legs were strong, their core was strong, and when I reflected back on the training that I did with them, I realised that it was all new techniques that I certainly wouldn’t have used a few years ago!

Talking with friends, they thought I was crazy, but being around KX and the KX team has enabled me to now broaden my horizons and to tailor every client’s workout to the individual, without losing the simple grounding that the KX boxing staff have.

So what were these secrets?

At the moment, I am working over the legs and core through loads of box jumps, squats and lunges. I have kept these simple so clients can practise at home and more importantly in the park, these make a brilliant workout as a pre-curser to a skiing trip.

These box jumps and lungees can all be done on a park bench, it’s so simple and cost effective, and I guarantee it will show immediate results and get your body ready for that week on the slopes. Just think of it like taking a exfoliating the your skin or taking asunbed before beach holiday!

Scott has been a boxing and kickboxing coach, class teacher and personal trainer for 15 years. During that time he has taken his students to championship levels, with one of his students winning 6 national titles. Scott was Instrumental in the training of KX’s personal trainers Carlos Andrade and Mati Parks and helped them reach their European and World titles.
Scott’s own training was based at London’s famous boxing gym, St Pancras (The Kronk) where he boxed under the tutelage of Emanuel Stuart for many years. He also went to the world famous Gleason’s gym in New York to train and learn his coaching skills. In doing so he was entered into the “Golden Gloves” British entry and won the bronze standard. He is an ABA Boxing coach and GFKO Black Belt Teacher & Trainer.


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