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Step up for the KX 30 day weight/fat loss programme in January 2014

The programme will aim to paint the wider picture of weight and fat reduction and uncovers the facts and results behind lesser known factors through a SMART weight loss training and nutrition protocol

It will also draw on the importance of sleep, exercise, specific Spa therapies and rest and incorporate supplements into the diet to overcome weight and fat loss blockers, and set sustainable and achievable goals.

We are trying to
• Direct your exercise regime to the most fulfilling and fun activities that give you the best results!
• Tweak you’re eating habits and focus your attention to the fact that healthy food can be delicious, filling and leave you full of energy!
• Change lifestyle habits so that the results stick!

Above all, this is absolutely not another diet with hours of cardio training on top that will leave you hungry, grumpy and counting down the days until you can reach for the biscuit tin!

It is not a calorie controlled programme, you can eat as much as you like of the approved foods and enjoy a range of challenging, fun exercise and Spa activities.

The programme will consist of
• Personal training and classes
• Weekly menu planners with the option of food delivery
• Recipes and a list of foods that you can eat
• Spa treatments to support your fat loss program and provide valuable recovery
• You will also be given body composition results with weight and body fat loss show, lean muscle mass achieved, and a reduced BMI, waist/hip ratio
• This provides an easy to read journey to your successful goal

This is the perfect opportunity to try out a cutting edge approach to weight & fat loss.
The programme will help to reinstate a healthy relationship with food, helping to shift those excess pounds that the festive season left behind and try new exercises
Our elite team have accumulated the academic knowledge and try and tested knowhow to deliver this package, all you have to do is sign up

To book your place simply contact

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