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Stretch To Win Fascial Stretch Therapy

What is STW-FST?

FST™ is a unique system of therapy & training that dramatically improves your flexibility by lengthening your fascia.

Fascia is the connective tissue that surrounds & invests all structures of the body. The problem is that fascia will thicken & shorten when any of your tissues are under stress from poor posture, lack of exercise, injury, surgery, disease or over-training.

While many therapies can help these conditions, only FST™ can completely treat inflexible fascia at the deepest level – your joint capsule. After helping make all of your layers of fascia become more pliable & hydrated, joint range of motion, muscle strength & flexibility immediately improves making it easier for you to train & maintain.

The trainer or coach uses hands-on, direct techniques on a table with stabilization straps to assess and remove restrictions to movement in joints, muscles and fascia.

Results are quicker and more thorough than traditional, isolated stretching due to the following 10 Principles that make up the system.

Principle 1 – Target the entire joint and,
Principle 2 – Get maximal lengthening with traction
Principle 3 – Use multiple planes of movement
Principle 4 – Follow a logical order
Principle 5 – Achieve range of motion gain without pain
Principle 6 – Stretch fascia, not just muscles
Principle 7 – Facilitate body reflexes for optimal results (PNF or Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation)
Principle 8 – Synchronize breathing with movement
Principle 9 – Tune nervous system to current conditions
Principle 10 – Adjust stretching to current goals

For more information on what FST can do for you, or to book an appointment, please contact myself or Anna-Maria via 020 7584 5333.

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