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The Benefits of the Sirtfood Diet

The Sirtfood Diet is based on a newly discovered group of foods called Sirtfoods. These wonder foods are able to activate a powerful recycling process in the body that clears out cellular waste and burns fat. They do this by activating our sirtuin genes – also known as our “skinny” genes. These are the same genes that are activated by exercise and fasting.

Top Sirtfoods include kale, rocket, parsley, red onions, strawberries, walnuts, extra virgin olive oil, cocoa, curry spices, green tea and coffee (yes, coffee!). In contrast to previous popularised diets where the focus is on cutting out foods, with Sirtfoods the benefits are reaped through eating.

What does the Sirtfood Diet involve?

Phase 1 of the Sirtfood Diet is the hyper-success phase, a 7-day plan proven to help lose 7lbs. During the first three days, calorie intake is restricted to 1,000 calories per day, consisting of three Sirtfood green juices, plus one full meal rich in Sirtfoods. On days four to seven, calorie intake increases to 1,500 calories, comprising two Sirtfood-rich green juices and two Sirtfood-rich meals.

Phase 2 is a 14-day maintenance phase, where weight loss continues steadily. It’s all about packing the diet full of a wealth of Sirtfoods which is achieved by eating three balanced Sirtfood-rich meals daily, along with a ‘maintenance’ Sirtfood green juice.

What are the benefits?

In our Sirtfood Diet trial participants lost an impressive 7 pounds over the initial 7 days including increases in muscle and muscle function. This dramatic effect on fat-burning, whilst promoting muscle, is one of the reasons that our Sirtfood-based diet has become so popular with anyone wanting to get lean and in great shape, just like the elite athletes and models who have championed this way of eating. Along with fat burning, Sirtfoods also have the unique ability to naturally satiate appetite making them the perfect solution to achieving a healthy weight and sustaining it long term.

But to think of it purely as a weight loss diet is to miss the point. This is a diet that has as much to do with wellness as waistlines. Increased energy, clearer skin, feeling more alert, and better sleep are the pleasant ‘side effects’ from this way of eating. Sometimes the benefits are even more remarkable, including cases where following the diet in the longer term has reversed metabolic diseases. Such are their health enhancing effects that studies show them to be more powerful then prescription drugs in preventing chronic disease, with benefits in diabetes, heart disease and Alzhemier’s to name just a few. It’s no wonder that it is well established that the cultures eating the most Sirtfoods have been the leanest and healthiest in the world.

The bottom line is clear: If you want to achieve a more energetic, leaner and healthier body, and lay the foundations for lifelong health and resistance to disease, then the Sirtfood Diet is for you.

- Glen Matten, KX Nutritionist and author of The Sirtfood Diet

For details on the 7 Day Sirtfood Detox at KX, please email
Copies of The Sirtfood Diet are available at the club. Please enquire at reception.

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