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The KX vision: intelligent health expertly delivered in a luxurious environment

Our Fitness Methodology

KX are leaders in luxury health and wellbeing programs. We use a holistic approach to wellness that is all encompassing and individually tailored. Principles in the fields of personal training, nutrition, physical and holistic therapies, integrate the KX methodology in our pioneering approach to exercise, food and treatments to support our member’s lifestyle balance while optimising their results.

Our goal specific, wellness programs are designed and continually redefined via motivational assessment, testing and analysis.
Achieving a balanced life and a healthy, fit body has a distinct significance to each individual which is why we are committed to our evidence based methodology of optimising wellness to create powerful long term changes in health and mind while transforming bodies.

We are committed to our evidence based methodology of optimising wellness to create powerful long term changes in health and mind while transforming bodies. The KX training and therapy team are dedicated to being the best in their field. They encompass a wealth of experience with constant education and development but above all they are client focused.

An Integrated approach

Our trainers and therapists work cohesively as a team to provide complete health and fitness integration programmes.

The KX team are at the heart of our methods. The “KX family” have grown together through the evolution of our health and fitness journey, creating a unique environment where knowledge and skills meets experience and fun to deliver intelligent wellness at the highest level.

The KX Team; manifesting meaningful change

The KX team aims to empower our client and deliver simple solutions, which manifest into meaningful change. The exercise methods are supported by physical, manual and holistic therapy and the approach embodies a broad range of techniques and skills to help members achieve optimal results.

A 360 approach; Functional lifestyle assessments support manifesting meaningful nutrition, exercise and lifestyle changes


Monthly assessments are our complimentary service to support and measure our clients wellness, personal training and exercise goals.

The assessments are delivered by dedicated lifestyle programme managers in synchronicity with the professional health and fitness team.
Consultations will determine and simplify client goals and requirements using lifestyle assessments, blood health analysis and detailed body composition analysis.

The regular “check ins” aim to empower our clients and deliver simple solutions, which manifest into meaningful change. Our entire exercise methods are supported by physical, manual and holistic therapy and the approach embodies a broad range of techniques and skills to help members achieve optimal results.

• Lifestyle analysis and support
• Exercise science
• Nutrition medicine
• Movement screening
• Body composition measurements
• Blood health testing:
• Further functional testing: nutrition/inflammation/hormone/health/genetic/medical


A personalised nutrition, and exercise prescription is then delivered as a periodised programme tailored to the individuals goals.
We also recognise that time poor, results driven individuals may need support in several areas and as such we complete our members holistic programmes with the integration of physical and nutritional medicine therapy and corrective exercise where required.
The total 360 approach is completed by continual assessments and testing to analyse the member’s results and therefore maximise the improvements in fitness, health and wellbeing and a long term journey to optimal health.

KX is the home of integration

Our leading edge integrated wellness and personal training programs include a range of Bespoke Packages.



The KX 7 Day Sirtfood Detox is for those who want to reap the many benefits of Sirtfoods and experience a wellbeing and fat burning boost. Whether your normal healthy eating habits have gone off track, or you simply want to up the intensity of your diet efforts, think of the 7 day detox program as a springboard to a leaner and healthier you.



The KX20 programme applies the most effective forms of exercise & nutrition to promote fat loss and create lean tissue, in the shortest time frame possible, safely and effectively. The package of food and training can be used to get you ready for the beach, a special event such as a wedding or simply as re-set after holidays and periods of inactivity or overindulgence (optional food delivery).



Controlled in calories, but full on in taste, the KX Intermittent Fasting menu is the ultimate offering for those looking for rapid weight loss while feeling great. All our meals and juices are packed full of natural ‘SirtFoods’, which improve metabolism, body composition and cellular health, producing unrivalled results.

Pregnancy Support Programme

The KX pregnancy programme has been developed and delivered over 13 years out of our passion to support women and couples at every stage of pregnancy. From pre-conception, through the pregnancy right through to the journey and after the baby arrives for much needed post-natal care. At KX we take a holistic approach to mother, baby and couple support. Professor Mark Johnson has provided invaluable guidance and support to help us develop our integrated programme which combines nutrition, food delivery, physical therapy, exercise and spa services.

Our couples take the pregnancy journey under the watchful eye of a dedicated programme manager and team of expert practitioners in this field who combine leading-edge nutrition and exercise science alongside our holistic approach. Our aim is to build confidence by nurturing both mother and baby during and after pregnancy.

KX Education

Our passion and commitment to education and development is showcased by the KX education programme which has run for over a decade and refined to an in house personal training progression programme that applies the best in evidence based exercise along advanced practical coaching skills.


KX, a member’s experience

Supporting our members to achieve their personal goals is at the heart of everything we do, it was our privilege to support Dominic Jude, a member since 2010, on his journey to climb Everest.

Member Dominic Jude used our lifestyle assessments and bespoke packages to achieve his goals, including successfully climbing Mount Everest.

Here is his story:

I have been a member at KX Gym since 2010. I joined as I had wanted some additional support before I attempted to climb Everest in May 2011. Having been climbing all over the world since I was a teenager I knew the extreme challenges my body would face spending 3 months in sub-zero temperatures with the debilitating effects of altitude sickness as well as the physical toll on your body. I needed that additional level of support which KX responded to with vigour. I met with Gideon and other members of the team and they devised a bespoke plan to help me build my muscle mass, needless to say without the support of KX I wouldn’t have reached my lifetime dream of summiting Everest and getting down safely. Subsequently, I have worked with KX on all aspects of my fitness, health and wellbeing, having certain specific achievable goals the important aspect for me is having the triangular effect of Personal Trainer, Physio, and Nutritionist.
Dominic Jude, KX Member since 2010

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