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So your back from the indulgence of Christmas and jumped in at the deep end with training only to end up on the physio couch. The road to recovery from an injury can be a long one if you don’t get it right from the beginning.

First and foremost realize that your recovery is very much determined by you. Your physio or therapist can give you the tools to get better but to be effective and get back in the quickest time possible you are going to need to do some work too.
Just like training, try to take a structured approach to your rehab. Setting specific times that you are going to do it, will keep you motivated and by recording what you do, will help track your progress.

Injuries can be very frustrating especially if you are training for something in particular, and can lead to feeling very demotivated. No matter what the injury there are always plenty of things you can still being doing. For example those suffering from a running based injury consider aqua jogging or cycling to maintain your fitness. Or for those with a shoulder injury think about using the time to increase your leg and core strength.

Lastly the biggest mistake people make is doing too much to soon. Listen to your body and your therapist. Always start back slowly and gradually build the volume.

Once back into training and injury free don’t ignore what got you injured in the first place. Most injuries are caused by a weakness and/or a tightness. Use your warm up to perform prehab exercises that address these things.

Sarah is a qualified corrective exercise specialist and accredited UK strength and conditioning coach. Sarah specialises in strength and conditioning but also combines this with her expertise in rehabilitation, making her able to integrate appropriate exercises into the program. Outside of KX Sarah has worked with some of Great Britain’s Olympic hopefuls including England basketball team.
• KX Personal Trainer
• Corrective Exercise Specialist
• Accredited Strength and Conditioning Coach


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