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The Science Behind The KX Total Body Detox

Once a backwater of medical science, “detoxes” were regarded as a fool’s elixir, the stuff of fairy tales, not science. With boasts such as ‘flush out toxins’ or ‘rest our digestive systems’ those in the know deemed detoxing the Ponzi scheme of the nutritional medicine world.

And let’s face it, with good reason. Despite promises of miraculous benefits and dramatic weight loss, it was all smoke and mirrors. The reality reads more like this: none of the benefits were sustained, our tissues and cells stayed the same, and the weight piled back on as quickly as it came off.

Paradoxically, in an age where people are living longer, we’re in no way living healthier, beset by multiple chronic diseases. We’re experiencing a silver tsunami of degenerative disease that is leaving a wreckage of unmanageable health care costs and debilitating quality of lives in its wake. The upshot is this: medical science can no longer afford to simply focus on extending life-span; it must improve health-span. And with this, a radical re-think of the once ridiculed ‘detox’ concept has emerged, as anti-ageing research now takes the forefront, revealing some startling and quite frankly, unexpected answers.

The consensus among scientists is that ageing – and its related diseases – is the consequence of damage to, and accumulation of toxic materials in, our cells. Whilst the human body is generally well designed to repair cells and remove these harmful substances, prolonged exposure to poor diet, environmental toxins, stress and poor lifestyle habits can tip the balance and overwhelm our in-built defences. Consequently we get the accumulation of biological ‘garbage’ in our cells, activating the body’s aging pathways, leading to a slow, but progressive loss of tissue function. The end result: premature aging, lack of vitality and ill health.

The last ten years have seen researchers in vigorous pursuit of the legendary fountain of youth, and revealing some remarkable insights into how we age. The very pathways which determine our bodies’ aging pattern; our vulnerability to cellular damage and toxic build-up, and thus disease, have now been elucidated. We are also beginning to understand how we can successfully manipulate them to our advantage.

We can extend the lifespan of animals dramatically, and confer virtual immunity to chronic disease. Perhaps most remarkably we can even keep them looking young. As one paper in the prestigious health journal Nature suggested “Imagine yourself, in your thirties, learning that your attractive young dinner date is actually 70”. Spurred on by an (unsurprising) fervour for this future utopia, a whole range of pharmaceutical companies have been set up with the sole purpose of synthesising an anti-aging drug that will be the panacea for enduring youth.

But forget pharmaceutical companies and their billion pound interests. This is where things getting totally intriguing. Maybe you guessed already: we don’t need to wait in hope for some wonder drug to emerge. Those anti-aging pathways – of which there are four major ones – are all regulated by a range of specific nutritional factors. And by knowing what these nutritional factors are, we can manipulate them in our diet, powerfully activating these pathways and reaping all the benefits. This is what makes the KX Total Body Detox completely ground breaking.

The KX Total Body Detox

• Fat loss (especially around the stomach)
• Improved skin and appearance
• More energy
• Better immunity
• Lower inflammation
• Improved measures of disease risk
• Improved digestion

The KX Total Body Detox is the only scientifically valid detox of its kind where every known anti-aging pathway is activated. It is this approach of targeting a combination of pathways, with each one adding to the benefit of the others, which delivers unrivalled benefit in a very short amount of time. In just seven days, real, measurable benefits are seen. But unlike other detoxes where improvements are short-lived, the KX Total Body Detox creates long term changes to our cellular function, so that with an easy to implement, nutritionally sound follow-on eating plan, not only do the benefits last, but continue to increase.

The KX 7-Day Total Body Detox is based on a breakthrough two stage process. Stage one is the ‘Flush’; an intensive three day programme which harnesses two powerful nutritional strategies to create a cellular response that clears out the waste from our cells so they can function optimally and primes our cells defences to better ward off attack from future toxins.

The KX Total Body Detox

Through a carefully controlled calorie restricted diet, signalling of the anabolic hormones insulin and IGF-1 is scaled back and levels of our cells’ nutrient sensor (known as AMPK) are increased. This orchestra of changes, in response to a low energy status, informs the cells that there is a shortage of fuel. Cells stop their normal anabolic process (switching off a master cellular growth regulator known as TOR) and go into ‘survival’ mode. Cellular defence systems are switched on, energy efficiency (including fat burning) is increased and in a process known as autophagy, cells break down and recycle waste material and debris in order to use it for fuel.

Alongside this, the KX Total Body Detox provides the most potent dietary sources of bioactive ingredients called dietary sirtuin activators. These are natural plant derived substances the pharmaceutical industry is exploring in its quest for an anti-aging drug. When consumed in sufficient quantities they have a direct effect on protecting our genetic material (DNA) from damage. In addition to this, they provoke a low grade, controlled, biological stress response which serves to up-regulate our body’s ageing defences. Think: ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ and you will begin to understand how the body’s adaptation to this low grade ‘stress’ helps protect it against other, stronger, subsequent stressors, ultimately favouring enhanced health and longevity.

What’s so important about dietary sirtuin activators is that they don’t work when just consumed on their own in an isolated, extract form; they are less potent, they become unstable, and the body struggles to absorb them. To realise their benefit, they need to be consumed as a complete range in their natural food matrix. That’s why the KX Total Body Detox only uses whole food sirtuin activating sources – no ineffective supplements – chosen to maximise and provide the full spectrum of sirtuin activators: the flavonols and flavones (quercetin, kaempferol, myricetin, isorhamnetin, apigenin, luteolin) as well as whole plant sources of potent organ protecting selective sirtuin activators including silymarin (liver) and epigllocatechin (liver and heart).

It’s not surprising to discover that some of the most concentrated sirtuin activating nutrients, included in the KX 7 Day Total Detox, are found in foods indigenous to the Blue Zones (those areas with the longest living, healthiest populations in the world). And one that stands out, and deserves a place in every British veg pot, is the lovage plant. Chockful of the phytonutrient quercetin, it leads the pack when it comes to sirtuin activating potential. And whilst you will struggle to find it in the shops or growing in someone’s garden, lovage used to be a regular culinary inclusion in British foodfare. Conferring a flavour similar to parsley and celery combined with a hint of aniseed and curry (what’s not to like!), it is a great addition to salads, soups, stews, roasts, mash or even scrambled eggs.

Stage two is the ‘Renew’; where the cellular cleansing continues, but now shifts to the background. As our cells become ‘cleaner’ and primed for nutrient uptake, we shift the focus to replenishment and rejuvenation, providing all the best foods and essential nutrients to get our body systems working more effectively than ever, keeping us in prime health, and feeling and looking better. It is at this stage that the benefits are realised:

Mindful of just how easy it can be to fall back into bad habits, undoing all the hard earned benefits of the program, the 21-Day Maintenance Programme was created. Sticking to the same underlying principles as the 7 Day Detox, it’s a carefully developed therapeutic diet inspired by the dietary principles of the healthiest populations in the world [including the eating habits of the population of Okinawa (Japan) which boasts 4-5 times the number of centenarians of most Western countries]. It ensures that anti-ageing pathways remain switched on, and pro-ageing pathways switched off, long after the7 Day Detox is over.

And for those just itching to activate some of these powerful anti-ageing pathways right now, why not check out a meal rich in sirt-foods created by legendary KX executive chef Alessandro Verdenelli, here.

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