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The Spinal Code Treatment

A refreshingly new and unique approach to massage therapy and stress and tension release.

Marie Reynolds recently joined the KX team, bringing her extensive background in skincare, and Noetic science to the club with a new treatment designed exclusively for KX: The Spinal Code Treatment.

The Spinal Code Treatment, as the name suggests, focuses on the back as a key area that undergoes immense amounts of stress and tension throughout an individual’s lifetime. This stress and tension is not only caused by physical trauma but also by mental and emotional aspects that manifest in this area.

You immediately feel at ease with Marie, she initially walks you through her incredible background in beauty therapy, homeopathy, genetics, counselling, aromatherapy, oriental diagnosis and Noetic science, and explains how the Spinal Code Treatment came about.

The Spinal Code Treatment is born from Marie’s background in Noetic therapy, a science based on Einstein’s theory where energy equates to matter, and thoughts and emotions affect the physical.
The treatment begins with an in depth analysis of your health and lifestyle background, Marie then examines your ears and feet, to determine some further personality traits and physical manifestations of any issues you may be having. She confirms (by looking at my feet), that I have issues with my digestion, so should continue my intake of peppermint, I’m amazed immediately at the amount of information my body is giving away without my even being aware!

The treatment consists of a relaxing back massage, where Marie looks for areas of tension and tailors the treatment to correct these. Marie then moves on to the feet and finally the ears, face and head.

She uses Marste Spa products that she designed personally including luxurious body butters and oils which are deeply massaged into the skin.

After my treatment, I felt completely relaxed, my skin was soft and hydrated and I felt an overall sense of wellbeing. I felt that the whole experience had been specifically tailored to me, unlike other types of massage, the Spinal Code Treatment felt very unique.

Treatments available Friday's 11am - 7pm

For more information, or to book a treatment with Maria, please contact the KX Spa on 020 7581 7250 or email

The consultation technique of the Spinal Code is a unique method of picking up the weakness’ and strengths within the body’s meridian and body zone’s. This can be linked to the emotional and physical aspects of health and wellness. The technique does not diagnose illness or offer any medication, however, guidelines in health and wellness management will be suggested.
A full consultation will be given at the beginning of each treatment and, if needed, a GP referral letter will be required.
A treatment/consultation with Marie Reynolds is not to be used in place of professional medical advice and a client should always visit their GP should they have any concerns relating to health issues.

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