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Tough Mudder: KX Life Comradeship At Its Very Best

On Saturday 4th May, 13 participants, including one of our admirable members, came together to become TEAM KX, taking on the gruelling, intense physical and mental challenge that is Tough Mudder.

Tough Mudder see’s participants take on 22 obstacles over a 12 mile course, requiring strength, stamina, determination and above all, team spirit. Considered “possibly the toughest event on the planet”, the team did everything possible to physically and mentally prepare for this challenge.

In the 8 weeks leading up to the event an overwhelming buzz took over the club. The team endured gruelling group training sessions; with fellow trainers admirably donating their free time to get them course 100% ready. At every stage, it was inspiring to see the growing camaraderie and unconditional support throughout KX shine through.

I joined Team KX on the day, following on the front line, providing my utmost support and capturing the outstanding effort from all of the Team for our Social Media. The anticipation and pre-event nerves from the team, combined with Tough Mudder’s explosive atmosphere set the day to be one filled with excitement, adrenaline and undeniable pride!

Team KX admirably tackled every obstacle together. There were undeniable highs, a few lows, but with 13 faithful team mates supporting each other, combined strength proved there was nothing they couldn’t achieve.

Apart from a great day out, Team KX raised over £2,030 all in aid of the incredible charity ‘Help For Heroes’. From endless training sessions in the gym, support from all the staff throughout the club, and that of our loyal members and followers on Twitter & Facebook, this journey illustrates precisely the type of comradely spirit that I’m so proud KX Life is all about.

I cannot help but feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment for the entire club, and of course the 13 inspiring individuals, demonstrating a true teammate spirit throughout, to complete the day with all members still standing and smiling at the other end!

Congratulations Team KX.


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