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Tried and Tested: Cool Sculpt

In preparation for my wedding I’ve been working with the experts at KX to get me in top form for the event. I had seen Cool Sculpt posters at KX so was keen to find out about the treatment and whether it could help with my midsection. I met with Minu who spoke about the process, realistic results and what to expect after treatment. I was surprised that she advised against other areas I had deemed ‘problems¹ myself but appreciated her honesty.

The busy holiday season and endless parties meant I didn’t manage to book in my treatment until just before the new year. After quite a lot of festive over indulgence I was glad to be having it done! Dimple was my practitioner and she provided a thorough consultation before we agreed to focus on two areas of my stomach. She carefully marked the areas and applied a moist pad to protect the skin. Dimple was so dillegent she applied and re-applied the pads to make sure they were perfectly aligned.
Next came the applicator which was positioned and supported so it wouldn’t move during the process.

Cool Sculpt uses suction to gather and hold the area being treated so you do feel pressure but it’s not particularly uncomfortable. As the ‘freezing’ began Dimple said the first 5 minutes would be the most intense in terms of the sensation of cold. I watched the timer on the screen but the 5 minutes went by quickly and I was pleased to have made it past the first hurdle. 5 minutes down….55 minutes to go!

The time passed quickly and I happily read magazines brought by Dimple who also gave me a LED light therapy treatment. I could easily have booked a facial during the treatment to help pass the time as I was not in any discomfort. Once we reached the 60 minute mark Dimple removed the applicator and I saw the area that had been treated. It was quite red, cold to the touch and oddly firm. Dimple massaged the treated area which was quite tender but as she put the pad and applicator on the second area to be treated the first area was fine. The 60 minutes for the other area passed as quickly as the first and I was soon on my way home.

The treated areas were numb for the rest of the day and swelling for about a week. I experienced cramping and tenderness to the treated areas as both Minu and Dimple explained. Massage and ibuprofen helped ease the soreness and I was back to my normal work out 3 days later.

It has been two weeks since the treatment and the soreness is completely gone. It can take up to 3 months to see the full effects as the body eliminates the fat cells from the body. As a non-surgical procedure with proven results I’m pleased I opted to have the treatment as I’m sure it will make a real difference to how I look and feel on my wedding day.

Jadis joined Oakley Capital as Group Digital Director in April 2014 following her role as an advisor to the group. From outdoor events for 65,000+ in Central London, to an industry award winning Facebook first that broke new ground in live content marketing through a celebrity fronted broadcast, Jadis has experienced all aspects of in the marketing mix over her 15 year career. Jadis has been a trusted strategist and trusted advisor to celebrities, luxury brands, media outlets, producers and charities. Jadis’ no nonsense approach has made her a regular speaker at industry conferences globally. She is also a TV pundit and guest lecturer at leading UK universities. Jadis pays for all treatments personally.

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