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Understanding Biosignature and other tools

An overview of theory, assessment and approach to training & nutrition.

A key to developing compliance to exercise and nutrition plans is the ability to measure the success of all your hard work. Some people will be happy with a passing comment from a friend, others will use the mirror as their guide, but what about those who want a quantifiable answer on exactly what they have lost and where have they lost it from?

An insightful piece of computer software has been developed, which allows both of these questions to be accurately answered. This software is called BioSignature. It uses twelve specific sites on the body as measuring points for sub-cutaneous body fat and the software then gives you a predictive score for variables such as bodyfat percentage, lean mass and your total score for all twelve skinfold sites.

As the software saves each set of scores, you are then able to directly compare the results from previous tests and get a site by site breakdown of the changes in sub-cutaneous fat levels as a score in mm and as a percentage.

Two other key areas of measurement for body composition are the hips and the waist. Circumference measurements for these areas can give a good insight into possible health risks. An un-favourable hip to waist ratio (W>0.8 M>0.9) has been linked to higher mortality rates, increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. It has also been shown that women with a ratio below 0.7 have optimal levels of estrogen which enhances fertility and are less susceptible to major diseases, such as ovarian cancers.

The waist measurement can also be compared against height to indicate potential risks for metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes. If the waist measurement is doubled, then compared against the height measurement, it indicates a much higher potential risk for developing these diseases if the doubled waist score is great than the height.

For people with body composition related goals the BioSignature software is a fantastic tool. It gives you exact measurements and quantifiable numbers on what has happened to body fat levels between tests. This allows us to accurately see the effects of adjusting variables like total calorie intake, carbohydrate intake, changing meal times and the direct effect of these changes on the specific sites of the body.

As a KX gym supervisor, strength & conditioning personal trainer and functional medicine consultant, Aaron co-runs the KX Fitness Department and the unique KX Functional Assessments. Aaron is further responsible the continued education of the full team of KX Fitness Advisors and currently features monthly in Men’s Fitness as one of their “Resident Experts”.
• Gym Supervisor KX Functional Assessment Team
• Strength & Conditional Personal Trainer
• Functional Medicine Consultant
ISSN certified Sports Nutritionist
• Runs KX Internship Educational Qualification


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