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Why Boxing Is Such A Great Sport For Women

Despite the fact that Boxing consumes calories, delivers efficient results, and is an outstanding stress buster, the myth still remains that boxing is just ‘for the boys’. We here at KX want to de-bunk that myth – we’ll be following KX sponsored athlete Joanne Salley on her journey as she undergoes her extensive training at KX in preparation for the Eton Vs Harrow Charity Boxing Match in September.

Gideon explains exactly why boxing is such a good workout for women.

Boxing can be a great express workout especially when delivered as high intensity interval training.
60 minutes of boxing can amount to 450 – 650 calories.

As well as improving muscle tone and promoting weight and fat loss you will also see an increase in overall fitness, agility and coordination as a result from boxing.

Many people think that boxing is all about the arms but it is actually a muscle strength and endurance and cardio work-out for the whole body.

It’s especially good for increasing “core strength” due to the nature of the movements demanded by the sport through the mid-section muscles groups including bending, extending and rotating.

Boxing can make you feel both empowered and confident. By the end of the first class, you should be technically competent enough to throw basic punches and use footwork while being able to hold a safe guard.

The art of boxing places great physical demands while relying on acute cognitive attention, so it keeps the mind sharp and engaged and reduces stress.
It enables the venting of aggression in a focused manner.. ‘It is both exhilarating and pacifying’ Gideon explains.

Finally, Boxing is a highly engaging sport, you’re constantly learning new skills and combinations of moves and just like the real boxing fights, no class is ever the same – so it’s far more interesting than the daily treadmill!

Give Boxing a try at one of our classes.

Kickboxing with Scott & Carlos is held on Mondays and Thursdays at 9am and Boxing with Dave Andrews is held on Wednesday’s at 19:00.

Mix combat with resistance training, personal training and classes for a targeted approach to summer fitness and fat loss.*

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