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Yamuna Zake in Residence

KX are thrilled to host the exclusive residency of master teacher Yamuna Zake on February 24 and 25. Yamuna herself will be teaching the classes and private sessions so this is an opportunity not to be missed.

Yamuna has dedicated her life to understanding how the body works and to helping others to create positive change in their bodies through what she has learned. She is a world-renowned authority leading a global network of over 500 certified practitioners teaching her approach to Body Sustainability with a comprehensive curriculum of trainings, treatments, and products. Yamuna lives her vision that a fully aligned body with all of its capacity for free movement is the most beautiful body possible. She is committed to sharing with others what it takes to know and love their bodies, and be better in them.

In two 75-minute sessions, Yamuna will incorporate three of her core programmes; Body Sustainability for Maintaining a Healthy Back at Every Age, Save Your Shoulders and Foot Fitness.

All are aimed at alleviating pain through the realignment and reengaging of muscle groups to ensure you remain strong, toned and flexible throughout your life. All classes centre on Yamuna’s Body Rolling principal. YBR is a very powerful self -fixing and maintaining tool that everyone can do regardless of age or physical limitations. YBR organises the body bringing all the parts back to working the way they should and can be. The commonly accepted belief that as you get older you get stiffer and lose mobility and can no longer do the things we used to do is not part of Yamuna’s belief system. She believes everyone should be able to achieve his personal best at every age.

Save Your Shoulders

A Healthy Back at Every Age

If you have ever suffered from back pain, then this class is for you. If you want to prevent any back discomfort or weakness, you need this class. Learn how to correct and maintain a healthy back. Learn how to build a long and strong back maintaining healthy lumbar, thoracic, and cervical vertebrae and discs. Learn how to correctly work the abdominal muscles so they support, and protect, the spine properly.

A Healthy Back at Every Age

Save Your Shoulders

Your shoulder joint connects your hands and arms to your head,neck, and torso. It’s one of the most overused parts of the body. It’s important to keep the shoulder aligned, tension free, and with full range of motion. Learning to care for your shoulders will prevent: movement limitation, rounded shoulders, frozen shoulders and other common shoulder injuries.

Foot Fitness

Both classes will also incorporate 15 minutes of Yamuna’s Foot Fitness programme.

The feet provide essential support and balance for the rest of the body. You need to care for the feet like the rest of your body. Make them strong and healthy and they will take you where you want to go. You will learn the basic anatomy of the feet, ankles and calves and routines to raise your arches, realign your ankles, avoid future foot problems and improve your workout.

The YFF program is a simple, easy to use system that educates you on proper foot function, how to improve gait, alignment, prevent and correct common foot problems, and how to maintain strong, toned and flexible feet throughout your life.

Foot Fitness

The 75-minute classes will be on February 24 and 25 at 17:00.

Private sessions will also be available, however places for both opportunities to work with Yamuna are limited so to book your place please contact Gym Manager Pete Geracimo via or on 020 7584 5333.

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