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You don’t have to be a Sportsman to have a Sports Massage

Did you know that stress and back pain cost employers billions of pounds a year?

Lots of jobs involve sitting in the same position for long periods of time. From office workers to taxi drivers, everybody is under a lot of pressure these days and many people work long hours without taking adequate breaks. This means that many of our ailments in today’s society are stress-related.

We should not forget that massage is extremely effective in relaxing not only the body but also the mind. Regular massage can help reduce anxiety and improve sleep patterns and stress levels.

Some workers have very repetitive work, which can lead to tight, sore muscles, which in turn can result in long-term injuries. For example, muscles held in a small range of motion for long periods of time day after day are put under as much strain as those of an athlete, who may only train for a few hours each day.

Office workers who sit at a computer all day often suffer from long-term effects due to unsuitable seating, bad posture and poor position of their hands on the keyboard. This can cause very tight shoulders and neck muscles which can lead to severe headaches and back aches.

Regular sports massage provides excellent maintenance for muscle tone, mobility and stamina, enabling muscles to work harder, be pain free and reducing the risk of long-term injury. Massage can also help relieve tension-related headaches, and headaches related to eyestrain. The key is treating the source of the pain, which will create longer-term pain relief and comfort.

Massage helps you to relax, improves mood, lowers tension and anxiety levels, and can even help combat depression. These troubles frequently cause employees to be absent from work, and to be less productive when actually at work. Workers who are massaged regularly are more alert, more motivated, sleep better and perform better, and are less stressed than their colleagues who are not massaged.

Massage can speed up the healing of strained muscles, reduce muscle pain, enhance the health of skin, promote flexibility, and improve posture. In fact, regular massage therapy can even release chronic muscle soreness and tension that may have been hampering a worker’s performance. It can also reduce the overall frequency of muscle strains and headaches, and help prevent the onset of repetitive strain injuries caused by actions such as typing and assembly line work, like carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis.

A sports massage can help boost the immune system by improving the circulation of blood through the circulatory system, as well as improving the function of the lymph system, both of which hasten the elimination of toxins from the body.

Obviously better immune systems mean that more employees will be able to fight off colds and other the physical ailments that are always “floating” around the work place.

Having worked amongst a number of chiropractors and physiotherapists, Jules specialises in deep tissue massage, treating muscular sports injuries and providing rehabilitation. She has worked with a number of high profile sports teams, such as The All Blacks, the England Rugby teams, Harlequins Rugby Clubs and Fulham Football club, as well as a number of high profile private patients.
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