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Bespoke Package - SIRT Food Detox Package

1. What is the KX Sirtfood Detox Program?

For the past two years KX has actively pioneered the inclusion of Sirtfoods into its restaurant menu and food programmes. Sirtfoods are a newly discovered, special group of wonder plant foods, which when we eat enough of them have the ability to turn on our body’s ‘skinny genes’.

It all started with the KX 7 day Total Body Detox. Sirtfoods have the unique ability to clear out toxic materials from inside our cells, improving our vitality and preventing premature aging. Combining a diet rich in Sirtfoods with moderate caloric restriction offered the perfect pairing for a nutritional ‘spring clean’.

The results of KX members who followed the KX 7 day Total Body Detox have been stunning.

Here’s what we found;
• Rather than lose muscle, muscle mass was either maintained or increased
• Participants rarely felt hungry
• Participants felt an increased sense of vitality and well-being
• Participants reported looking better and healthier

Just read for yourself what some of the KX members had to say;

‘Thank you! My husband is looking extra hot.’
Wife of participant who lost 7lb 8oz (3.4kg) in 7 days

‘The initial day was tough, but after that I felt my energy levels surge and I slept better. I think one challenging day is worth a lifetime of health.’
Participant lost 7lbs 4oz (3.3kg) in 7 days

‘Got me in the shape of my life just in time for my wedding day.’
Participant lost 6lb (2.7kg) in 7 days

‘It’s very strange statement to think, but What a great week! I wanted something to help me kick start my goals and this simply fitted everything from the detox itself and the advice I received in what to do in the gym.”
Participant who lost 9.5lbs (4.3kg) in 7 days

Such results in a time as short as 7 days are unrivalled. And as word spread, interest in Sirtfoods took off. Sirtfoods are quickly becoming a dietary phenomenon, being championed by many of Britain’s mainstream press outlets and household names.

Priding ourselves on offering our members the most cutting edge nutrition offerings, KX continues to lead the field in Sirtfood research. Bringing together all the latest scientific research on Sirtfoods and combining it with the best bits of our original Total Body Detox we are delighted to introduce the brand new KX 7 Day Sirtfood Detox, offering the most powerful, all natural, whole food detox program on the market.

2. Who is the KX 7 Day Sirtfood Detox For?

The KX 7 Day Sirtfood Detox is for those who want to reap the many benefits of Sirtfoods and experience a wellbeing and fat burning boost. Whether your normal healthy eating habits have gone off track, or you simply want to up the intensity of your diet efforts, think of the 7 day detox program as a springboard to a leaner and healthier you. The beauty of the detox is that Sirtfoods are naturally flavoursome and satisfying foods prepared as delicious drinks and meals, reaching the highest standards you expect from KX. So instead of being a chore to do you will actually love following it.

As an all-natural whole food based program the KX Sirtfood Detox is suitable for most people. However there are certain people who it may not be suitable for, including people on certain medications due to its powerful disease altering effects. If any of the following apply to you, please seek advice from your Program Manager before commencing the KX Sirtfood Detox.

Talk to your Program Manager if:
• you have any food allergies or intolerances
• you have specific nutritional requirements
• you are underweight or have been advised against consuming
• a low calorie diet
• you have an eating disorder or a history of eating disorders
• you suffer from liver, kidney or heart disease
• you suffer from epilepsy
• you suffer from hypo or hyper- thyroidism
• you take insulin, glucagon or other glucose modifying injections
• you suffer from any autoimmune disease or take immune
modulating drugs
• you have suffered from cancer within the last two years
• you suffer from any other major health problem.

Do not use KX Sirtfood Detox if:
• you are pregnant
• you are breast-feeding
• you are trying to conceive.

KX Sirtfood Detox is unsuitable if:
• you suffer from cancer
• you are undergoing anti-cancer treatments

You may be able to use the program if the approval of your treating doctor is obtained.

KX Sirtfood Detox can affect medical conditions and other drugs

The powerful actions of KX Sirtfood Detox allow the benefits to be achieved very quickly.
• Improvements in fasting blood glucose and amounts of insulin needed, mean that it is essential that individuals on oral hypoglycaemic therapy (i.e., in type 2 diabetes) regularly monitor blood sugar levels (at least three times per day) to ensure levels do not drop too low.
• Improvements in blood pressure mean that individuals already on medicines for high blood pressure run the risk of a large drop in blood pressure. Blood pressure is to be recorded before commencing, and any feelings of dizziness should be reported immediately to your Program Manager.
• Improvements in cholesterol and triglyceride levels mean that patients who currently take drug therapy for these conditions should request blood work to be taken at 7 and 28 days to see if a reduction in their drug therapy dosing is warranted.

If you are unsure about your medical condition or any medications you are taking, please talk to your Program Manager or your healthcare provider.


KX Sirtfood Detox is based on a breakthrough seven day, two stage process:

Stage 1
Stage one is the ‘Intense’; an accelerated three day program which ‘switches on’ two major rejuvenation pathways in the body that triggers fat burning and tells our cells to clear out and recycle waste material. During this period energy intake is restricted to 1,000 calories a day, consisting of:
• three green juices
• one main meal

Juices are to be consumed early morning, late morning and afternoon, at least one hour before or two hours after the meal. The meal should be consumed between the hours of 11am and 7pm.

Stage 2
Stage two is the ‘Transform’; where the cleansing and fat burning continues but with a shift to now making you feel better and more vibrant than ever before. During this period, energy intake is restricted to 1,500 calories a day, consisting of:
• two green juice
• two main meals

The juice is to be consumed early morning and afternoon. Both drinks should be consumed at least one hour before or two hours after a meal. Meals should be consumed between the hours of 11am and 7pm.

The benefits of the 7 Day KX Sirtfood Detox can be extended with a number of follow-on options.
Our maintenance plan continues the detox for a further 14 days. During this period energy intake is restricted to 1,800 calories for women and 2,200 calories for men consisting of:
• one green juice
• three main meals

Our Intermittent fasting program involves moderate fasting for 1 – 2 days a week, and normal eating habits for the remainder of the week. On fasting days energy is restricted to 800 calories for women and 1,000 calories for men consisting of:
• 2 green juices
• 2 main meals

Our standard detox green juice is also available straight from the restaurant menu for any time you want a quick, wellbeing boost.

Frequently asked questions

Q. I take medication every morning, and the directions state to take with food. Is the morning juice enough?
A. Talk to your Program Manager, giving details of the medication before commencing the KX Sirtfood Detox and this will be checked and resolved for you.

Q. I’m already slim- can I still follow the detox?
A. We do not recommend the KX Sirtfood Detox for anyone who is underweight. If your BMI is 18.5 or less (which will be calculated by your program assessor), the detox is contraindicated. If your BMI is between 18.5 and 20, we would still urge caution as following the detox may mean that your BMI falls below 18.5. If you are underweight, but still desire a detox/spring clean please enquire about an alternative Sirtfood based eating program specially tailored for your needs.

Q. I take dietary supplements, should I continue taking them while on the detox?
A. The KX Sirtfood Detox is specifically and finely balanced for its nutritional effects. Consuming dietary supplements on top of this may impair its effects and reduce the benefit. Only those supplements prescribed by your doctor or healthcare provider should continue to be taken. If you are unsure in any way, talk to your Program Manager before commencing the detox.

Q. Can I eat other foods while on the Detox?
A. The set daily calorie intake and foods used in the KX Sirtfood Detox have been specifically tailored to exert maximum benefit. All foods needed are supplied directly by KX as part of the Sirtfood Detox programme. Additional foods or snacks should not be eaten throughout the detox period.

Q. Can I request changes to the Detox menu for my dietary preferences?
A. All detox menus will be tailored to individual needs, accommodating food allergies and intolerances. While we are also happy to remove foods you also have strong aversions to, it is important to remember the mix of foods in the menu have all been carefully selected for their potent Sirtfood properties. Thus, additional food swaps should be kept to an absolute minimum in order for you to reap the full benefits of the detox.

Q. Can I drink other liquids while on the Detox?
A. Approved drinks can be consumed freely while on the KX Sirtfood Detox. Approved drinks are: water; black coffee; black tea; green tea; and white tea.
Note: We do not recommend a sudden change to your habitual caffeine intake. Alcohol, fruit juices and soft drinks (both sugar containing and artificially sweetened) are strictly not allowed.
Q. Should I exercise while on the Detox?
A. Exercising enhances the benefits of the KX Sirtfood Detox. However, due to the intensive nature of the KX Sirtfood Detox, high intensity exercise should not exceed 30 minutes a day, for the first seven days.
Q. Is there anything else I can do to increase the benefits of the Detox?
A. As well as regular moderate exercise, getting plenty of rest and sleep, de-stressing, and spa treatments such as massage are all encouraged.
Q. How often can I repeat the Detox?
A. We recommend repeating the KX Sirtfood Detox every four to six months.

Program Rights and Manufacture:
KX 151 Draycott Avenue Chelsea London SW3 3AL.

Program Design:Aidan Goggins BPharm MSc Nutr Med, Glen Matten MSc Nutr Med,
Food and Beverages:
Alessandro Verdenelli, Executive Chef.

For further information or to book your cleanse please contact the Fitness Manager Gideon Remfry:

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