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Bespoke Package - KX20 Body Transformation

What is the KX20 body transformation programme?

The KX20 programme applies the most effective forms of exercise & nutrition to promote fat loss and create lean tissue, in the shortest time frame possible, safely and effectively.

The package of food and training can be used to get you ready for the beach, a special event such as a wedding or simply as re-set after holidays and periods of inactivity or overindulgence (optional food delivery)
The KX20 programme menu
• Personal training
• Optional food delivery
• Fat burning shake
• Assessments
• Nutrition manual
• Spa services

20 Personal training sessions delivered over 28 days

The programme uses four or five personal training sessions per week over a four or five weeks period.

Using a highly refined method of cross training you gain access to specific resistance exercise and aerobic exercise which have been shown to be highly effective at reduction fat mass.

What will my training week look like?
The four to five week progressive Personal Training sessions focus on specific Resistance Training, Metabolic Conditioning and High Intensity Interval Training carefully planned to provide recovery and results.

Fat burning shakes – pre training

Each personal training session starts with a tailor made and scientifically validated fat burning (fat oxidation) shake to boost results.

KX20 Nutrition manual – nutrition approach

Each participant receives a complete KX20 nutritional manual which guides you step by step through expert tips, the diet method and menus of inclusion not exclusion, and reaps the powerful body transforming benefits of natural, whole foods including “sirtfoods”.

Results – assessments

We measure your success with blood health markers: cholesterol, triglycerides and blood glucose testing, before and after pictures and body composition analysis.
Assessments are provided at the start and end of the programme and you are presented with a clear progress report to add to your KX20 pack.

What does the exercise science say?

Resistance exercise and aerobic exercise have been shown to be highly effective at reduction fat mass.

Aerobic training alone, without a calorie restricted diet, has been shown to reduce total body weight, but the combination of aerobic training and resistance training has been shown to reduce body weight but also increase fat free mass.

Levels of fat oxidation (fat burning) have been shown to be increased by up to 78% directly after resistance exercise and remained raised by up to 105% for the following 24 hours after the workout.
The level of intensity of the training program has shown to have a large effect on outcomes, with high intensity resistance training shown to be more effective in improving body composition than moderate intensity resistance training, especially in females.

Option 1 KX20
KX20 nutrition manual
20 Block of personal training sessions
20 fat burning shakes
2 assessments

Option 2 Optional Food delivery – hassle free 28 day food to your door
If you want the sophisticated KX20 nutrition method made easy, we have developed a delicious seven day menu which can be picked up from KX or delivered to your door each day as an optional extra.
KX20 plus food delivery
KX20 nutrition manual
20 Block of personal training sessions
20 fat burning shakes
2 assessments
28 day food delivery

Supporting services
A little extra – spa services
We highly recommend supportive spa treatments MLD (manual lymphatic drainage), and the Bio slimming inch loss wrap

Special occasions – spa beauty
A beautiful finish maybe required to get you ready for a special event, in which case we have a full beauty pampering package available

A KX20 one month membership option is available.

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