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In association with the Borne Charity and Professor Mark Johnson

KX Pregnancy programme evolved out of our passion to support women and couples at every stage of pregnancy and has been an integral part of our holistic health and fitness history since our conception in 2002. Developed by our in-house wellness experts with invaluable guidance from Professor Mark Johnson, our healthy lifestyle programme provides integrated nutrition, physical therapy and exercise approach with additional spa services and food delivery as optional extras. The programme can be used for each stage from pre-conception and pregnancy right through the journey to after your baby arrives for much needed post-natal care.

Professor Mark Johnson has provided invaluable guidance and support to help us develop our integrated programme which combines nutrition, food delivery, physical therapy, exercise and spa services.

Our couples take the pregnancy journey under the watchful eye of a dedicated programme manager and a team of expert practitioners in this field, who combine leading-edge nutrition and exercise science alongside our holistic approach. Our aim is to build confidence by nurturing both mother and baby during and after pregnancy. Our complete pregnancy programme is open to KX members. Supporting nutrition and spa services are also available to non-members.

We recognise pregnancy, labour and post-natal recovery as being an amazing and transitional time in a woman’s life, which also runs parallel with some major physical and emotional challenges. Like any physical challenge, it takes months of preparation for the big event and like an athlete, you too could benefit from a clear stage-by-stage, periodised holistic training regime.

The three steps encompass:

1. Exercise
All Training Programmes include the following:

• Dynamic warm up
• Muscle activation / Rehab / Prohab
• Strength & conditioning / Yoga / Functional training
• Pelvic floor muscle training and health
• Fascial stretching
• Recovery techniques

2. Physical therapy
Physical therapy helps support a healthy pregnancy and maintains health and wellness before and after birth. In keeping with the KX methodology, physical therapy considers the whole person, both body and mind.

3. Nutrition
Getting your nutrition right before you fall pregnant, during pregnancy and post natal helps to promote the best outcome for both mother and baby.

These elements are clearly defined by each stage of the pregnancy journey:

• Pre-conception
• Pregnancy
• Post-natal.


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