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Premier REPS Level 2&3 Kettle Bell Instructor Circuit Training KX Education and Development Year 1


Originally hailing from The Netherlands, Mhairi found her passion for fitness after studying Modern Languages at UCL. Her academic background and analytical personality make her a great advocate for an evidence-based approach to training and achieving clients’ goals.
She specialises in corrective exercise and conditioning and believes in building a strong foundation, from which to push her clients.
Mhairi believes in a holistic approach to health and fitness, taking the overall lifestyle of her clients into account when designing a highly-personalised and detailed programme.
She has explored a range of different training modalities and is always setting herself new challenges. Her vibrant and enthusiastic personality, coupled with her personal experience of training, whether that be for a marathon or hitting a new PB on her deadlift, make her a motivational and empathetic trainer.

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