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Originally from New Zealand, Travis represented Auckland in rugby, basketball and softball. He attended the Sports Institute of Otago on a rugby scholarship and went on to play Premier Rugby in Otago, Auckland and the North Shore before taking up contracts in Vancouver, Canada and NYC, US.

He has spent 13 years in the health and fitness industry, running a performance training studio in NZ, specialising in rehab and lifestyle training as part of a sports medical clinic. He has worked with top athletes including former All Black and Super 14 rugby player Ron Cribb, former NZ Maori rugby player Blair Urlich, along with other athletes from a variety of sports.

Travis has spent the last 5 years in London, continuing his education with both the MAT and RTS organisations and is one of only a handful of MAT Specialists in the UK.

MAT gets to the root of pain and injury by addressing muscle weakness (the cause) rather than muscle tightness (the symptom). The primary function of muscle is to move and stabilise a joint. If joint stability decreases due to muscle inhibition, the nervous system will respond by increasing the tension on compensating muscles.

Most forms of manual therapies concentrate on stretching, releasing or relaxing these ‘tight’ muscles. MAT takes a different viewpoint and rather than releasing a safety mechanism created by our bodies, MAT is designed to jumpstart the inhibited muscles, once the nervous system can utilise these muscles, the extra tension (muscle tightness) is no longer required.

MAT can give you a new lease on your active lifestyle – you can return to the golf course, tennis court, ski slopes or simply live life with renewed strength and without pain.

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