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Boniface is a French registered osteopath who graduated from the European School of Osteopathy after two years in medical university in France and four years osteopathic training in the UK.

He started his career at the IMC, the first Integrated Medical Centre in Europe. Working there exposed him to numerous interesting and unusual cases. This enabled him to develop a strong understanding of other therapies, while creating a solid network and great experience in Osteopathic Medicine. It was during his time at the IMC that he started to work closely with Dr Wendy Denning, taking care of her patients with mechanical dysfunctions.

Boniface also worked for five years at Destination Health and Fitness, where he worked closely with martial art fighters (Krav, Maga, Karate and Muay Thai) to improve their physical performance and to help them recover from frequent injuries.

Today, Boniface works in three practices to continue developing his different fields of expertise: Integrated Osteopathy, Sports Injuries, Pregnancy Care and New Born Care (Cranio-Sacral Osteopathy). At KX he works in close collaboration with the personal training and therapist team to help clients reach optimum results from their training, thereby significantly improving their health and preventing further injury or disease.

His mixed, conventional and osteopathic training gives him an unusual approach to treating his patients, and allows him to understand the origin of his patient’s symptoms, rather than focusing on the symptoms themselves. By treating his patients this way he achieves a more permanent and long-term recovery.

Boniface is also a certified trained Garuda teacher – a blend of dance, yoga and pilates. This means he puts a great emphasis on the combination of rhythmical, yoga and core-based sequence of exercises. It allows him to read very quickly the mobile capacity of his patients and therefore advise them for the best tailored exercises routine to do at home.

Boniface uses the full range of techniques offered by an Integrated Osteopath: adjustments, mobilisation and massage ; Visceral Osteopathy (gentle manipulation of abdominal organs) ; Cranio-sacral Osteopathy and Acupuncture.

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