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Exilis Ultra 360 for Face and Body

Exilis is a non invasive treatment and the only treatment out there of its type. It combines Radio Frequency and ultrasound technology to treat the face and body. The treatment targets fatty deposits, loose skin, uneven skin texture, wrinkles and is able to help contour and shape the body.

Treatment Outline
Controlled heating is delivered to the targeted tissue throughout the full treatment. With a built in delivery and cooling system allowing us to treat deeper tissue all the way up to the superficial layer for a better overall result. The procedure is very comfortable and only a light warming sensation can be felt over the area. Firstly, a sticky gel pad will be placed on your body close to an area that will be treated, gel/oil like substance will be applied to the treatment area and then the procedure will start. It will last anytime between 25 and 55 minutes.

Results and Benefits
Safe and effective with no down time or post pain. Exercise or work can be resumed straight away as there is no recovery time needed.
4-6 treatments recommended

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