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Treatment Outline

Profhilo Bioremodeling is an innovative approach to anti-ageing treatments. It uses ultra-pure Hyaluronic Acid (HA) which acts in a totally new way, never seen before with other HA gels.

Its action is exerted through the remodelling of the collagen and elastic fibers, as well as stimulation the lipids in the dermal matrix. The result is skin that not only looks younger, but behaves like youthful skin.

Results and benefits

• Virtually Pain free
• Due to its high purity and absence of additives Profhilo offers greater safety. reduced side effects and no visible markings post treatment
• Safe for all skin-types
• No downtime
• Intense hydration noticed as little as 24 hours post treatment
• Immediate tightening effect
• Skin appears smoother, firmer with increased elasticity
• Avoids the need for long, painful, heat-based laser therapies

Treatment Procedure

For optimum results 2 treatments are required four weeks apart and each treatment should take approximately 10 minutes.

The Profhilo is injected at 5 specific points either side of the lower face, this ensures complete coverage so the bioremodelling effect happens all over.

There is no down time and you are able to continue with your day to day lifestyle. Results can be seen after only 24 hours but the effects of the long lasting skin changes will be seen 8 weeks after the second visit.

Maintenance treatments vary from patient to patient but typically are not needed until 6 months or longer after second treatment.

Free consultation available with Dr Toni Phillips B.Sc (Melb), B.D.Sc

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