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Advanced 3D Tanning containing Organic and Natural ingredient

Award Winning BeauBronz is an environmentally friendly company, with a progressive approach to the beauty industry. They offer organic spray tanning solutions of the highest quality, none of which are tested on animals at any time in their production.

BeauBronz is the brainchild of natural products expert Abigail Oleck who, unhappy with the current tanning products on the market, created tanning products containing natural and organic ingredients which are paraben, alcohol free and uses ingredients of the highest quality. BeauBronz products contain natural and organic ingredients and have never been tested animals.

BeauBronz offers the ‘Holistic Tanning Cycle’, which involves a pre-tan exfoliating spray and a post- tan moisture lock spray for the best results.

3D Body Contouring: the process of body sculpting and adding definition

Over the past 12 months contouring has been a technique widely adopted by make-up artists, bloggers and beauty fanatics to give the illusion of chiselled cheekbones, a more defined nose and a slimmer face, but the good news is that the same concept can be applied to your body.

The art of 3D body sculpting is a skill that BeauBronz Spray Tan Professionals have adopted to offer client’s a personalised boutique tanning service.

By using a combination of darker and lighter shades we are able to sculpt and shape the body, creating the illusion of a more defined and toned physique. The darker shades absorb the light, whereas light bounces off the lighter shades, drawing the eye and highlighting the area for a subtle toned look.

BeauBronz three step system:

The unique three step system uses only natural DHA formulations which are organic, paraben and alcohol free and develop quickly to reveal a natural, flawless, odourless tan leaving skin feeling fresh and moisturised.

1. Exfoliate: using a natural fruit acid that hydrates with organic aloe vera.

2. Tan: DHA solution is customized to create your bespoke 3D tan which is professionally applied with a hand held air brush, spraying through a 0.6mm hole to ensure a light and flawless application.

3. Moisturise: checked for ‘perfect application’, areas such as feet and hands are thoroughly cleaned with a tan correcting solution followed by the ‘lock in’ finishing moisturising spray, applied over the whole body to ensure the skin is super hydrated whilst also ‘locking in’ the tan to the skin and preventing the tan from coming off on clothes/bed sheets.

Tried and tested

_ “I have tried at least a dozen spray tans in Los Angeles, New York and London. BeauBronz spray tan is my favourite! This product and application has clearly been so well thought out. I get by far the most compliments after one of Abigail’s sprays. Spray tanning is truly an art to get right and so many go horribly wrong. BeauBronz is amazing! I have to add that the tan in a can touch up spray is a genius product and there is nothing like it on the market!”_
Tracey Anderson – Personal Trainer to Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow

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