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The NEW Dynamic Body Wrap for Targeting Cellulite, Contouring, Remodelling and Firming

Treatment Outline

Flaccidity, fluid retention and fat deposits are three of the most common figure concerns. Each area of the body is affected differently by these processes. Although some changes are inevitable, many of them can be prevented and corrected. BodyShock has been designed to do this with maximum efficacy, treating the six main areas of the body in different ways: abdomen and flanks, buttocks, legs, arms, double chin and breasts.

Results and benefits

• Significantly reduce Cellulite & Inches
• Enhance Weight Loss
• Dramatically reduce “Orange peel” Skin
• Slim, Firm & Tone
• Fight Rebel Fat Deposits
• Eliminate Toxins
• Stimulate the Lymphatic System with its Thermo Agents
• Help Burn Fat by Thermo-regulation
• Induce Lipolysis and Fat Burning in the layer below the skin’s surface
• Improve Circulation and the Metabolism of Fat Cells
• Increase the Consumption of Calories
• Reduce the Feeling of “Heavy” Legs
• Have Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Treatment procedure

100% customisable BodyShock enables your therapist to adapt the treatment to each person’s individual needs by creating an emulsion that contains different ultra-concentrated active substances chosen according to the aesthetic concern to treat and its stage. The emulsion is applied using one of the six massages developed by Mesoestetic® for each area to enhance the skin penetration of active substances and boost the effects.

For optimum results, ten treatments are recommended with two treatments per week, more than one area can be treated in the same session.

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