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Treatment outline

Colonics are an ancient, well-recognised system of internally cleansing the body with water. Treatments actively hydrate the entire body, improving the tone and function of the entire digestive system.

Results and benefits

• Support Cleansing Programmes
• Decrease Bloating
• Achieve a flatter stomach
• Clearer Skin
• Detox & Hydrate
• Boost immunity
• Energise
• Mental Clarity
• Improve Sleep

Here at KX we have two of the most experienced and highly respected colonic therapists in London working from our beautiful & spacious treatment room. They consistently maintain a standard of excellence and a truly holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

Colonic Irrigation frequency ask questions

• Does it hurt? No, absolutely not. The process is gentle and progressive with constant verbal interaction with the patient to ensure they are comfortable at all times. The pressure of the water is very low.

• Can I go back to work/ normal daily routine after treatment? You can go back into your normal routine with no problems. There is no feeling of needing to use the lavatory after the treatment.

• Can I do a workout after a treatment? We advise that any workouts to be done after a Colonic should be on the gentle side such as walking, swimming or yoga rather than an intensive resistance workout to allow the body to rest and have the feeling of wellbeing to be felt quicker.

• How long does it take? The process itself takes approximately 45 minutes.

• How will I feel during the treatment? Colon Irrigation is a safe and comfortable treatment and creates no major discomfort. Occasionally a little light cramping may be felt by some if there is a lot of stagnating gas within the Colon but feeling goes quickly once the gas is dispersed leaving the abdominal feeling incredibly light.

• How will I feel after the treatment? The feeling after a Colonic does vary from person to person but most people feel lighter, clear headed and energised. Some people may feel a little tired after the treatment but this is determined by levels of toxicity released during the session and soon passes.

David Taylor

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