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Treatment outline

CoolSculpting® by Zeltiq is a FDA cleared, tried and trusted, completely non-invasive treatment that helps you successfully lose (average 30%) targeted body fat, permanently.

With over a million treatments undertaken worldwide, this safe, viable alternative to Liposuction freezes the body’s fat cells until they reach a temperature that triggers their natural death. At which point the fat cells are naturally metabolised and gradually eliminated by the body, without any damage to the surrounding nerves or tissue.

Results and benefits

• No Surgery, no needles, no anaesthesia, no downtime

• CoolSculpting has a 95% patient satisfaction rate, results can be seen as early as 3 weeks following treatment, with the most dramatic results evident at 90 days.

• Results are long-term, with an average loss of 30% of targeted fat cells per treated area.

• CoolSculpting can treat multiple areas including: love handles, a post-pregnancy belly, bra bulge, inner or outer thighs, arms, male chest or ‘muffin top’.

• CoolSculpting can be used by our expert practitioners in two ways – either to slim down larger areas, for instance the abdomen, or to sculpt, giving you greater definition and revealing your body at its best.

Treatment Procedure

The CoolSculpting device is positioned onto the desired area, the device draws the bulge between two cooling panels with firm pressure. At first a strong pulling sensation may be experienced, followed by a cooling jet. There may also be some mild discomfort at the start of the treatment, but this will subside after the first 5minutes leaving you free to relax.
After treatment, clients are free to continue with their normal daily activities. The treatment lasts approximately one hour and is always administered by one of our experienced Registered CoolSculpting Practitioner to ensure optimum client safety and comfort.

Tried and tested

‘I had my lower abdominal and upper flanks done, and approximately 4 weeks post, I’m really happy with the way the results are turning out. I can see the change in my lower stomach and it looks flatter already’ Tim

‘The best thing I loved about CoolSculpting is that there is no down time!! As a single mother that works full time with 2 kids, I can’t afford to be down. CoolSculpting for me was easy and almost painless. I had my back bra rolls and love handles treated. I exercise regularly, and am a very healthy eater, but I just could not shift this stubborn extra fat. CoolSculpting has worked wonders, I can really see a difference and my clothes fit so much better now’! Jennifer

‘It really works, one of the most effective treatments I have had, thanks to CoolSculpting I am far more confident in my body, I would definitely recommend this treatment’. Claire

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