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Manual Body Sculpting

Pauline de Jessey, a manual body sculpting specialist, practices at KX in Chelsea where she has been based for several years.

Sculpting/shaping massages are designed to define and improve body contours using preventative and remedial techniques.

Pauline de Jessey’s manual technique addresses individual client needs, each massage is unique.
It boost the metabolism to help weight loss, drains toxins by activating the lymphatic system and breaks down fat deposits to facilitate circulation and reduce cellulite.
The treatment is particularly helpful to accelerate weight loss, treat old scar adhesion and help with post-pregnancy body issues.

Pauline De Jessey has a global approach to provide a full support in your body transformation. Her approach involved daily habits, nutrition, digestion and special movement

Loving our bodies and taking back control is key to happiness and feeling our best in our social, work and family environments. De Jessey’s aim is to help you accept and love your body, and reach your highest potential.

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