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Awaken your skins metabolism with our NEW Supercharged facials GENESIS & GENESIS + the next generation of non-invasive sophisticated skin rejuvenation treatments.

Favoured by the likes of Angelina Jolie (she describes the treatment as raindrop facial), and the models of Victoria Secret; Genesis is the most advanced technological device that activates dermal cell metabolism and optimises skin tone and elasticity.

Treatment outline

Advanced non-invasive multi-layered treatments that combine the powerful rejuvenating effects of the Laser Genesis, an Infrared wave that is scientifically proven to produce new collagen for the treatment of fine wrinkles, redness and scars with no downtime and discomfort.

The Laser Genesis procedure is combined with other leading treatments to produce two of the most advanced results driven facials available to-date.

Scientifically proven to produce NEW collagen for the improvement of fine wrinkles, redness and scars.

Results and benefits

With immediate and instantly visible improvements from the first treatment, Laser Genesis can help to restore the skins youthful glow and appearance. A course of four to five treatments recommended for optimum long lasting results.

FDA Approved
• Great Visible Results
• Regenerates Collagen
• Continuously stimulates new collagen production
• Fades acne scarring
• Improves texture and elasticity
• Improves dull and tried looking skin
• Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
• Congestion and enlarged open pores
• Sun damage and pigmentation
• Naturally promotes a healthy glow

Genesis treatments available

Genesis – Combining two highly effective treatments HydraFacial and Laser Genesis; using the HydraFacial’s non-invasive hydrodermabrasion technology for deep cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration and antioxidant protection together with the powerful Laser Genesis Infrared waves to stimulate new skin cells and collagen fibres, producing an instant brighter and more luminous complexion.

Genesis+ – Known as the red carpet ultimate treatment for an instant lifting rejuvenating and youthful complexion without downtime. Customised to your skin’s individual condition and needs this treatment combines today’s most advanced non-invasive treatments, the HydraFacial with the Sublime Radio Frequency skin tightening, skin peel, Oxygen Infusion and LED light.

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