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Chiropractic Services

The primary health-care profession that specialises in the diagnosis, treatment and overall management of conditions that are due to problems with the joints, ligaments, tendons and nerves, especially related to the spine.

Chiropractor Ben Carraway

Ben is an English Doctor of Chiropractic focused on supporting clients to achieve peak performance, posture and health. He works closely with the Personal trainers at KX to develop strategies to achieve or maintain these goals and develop rehabilitative programmes where necessary.

Using an innovative approach aimed at restoring the most efficient function and movement possible, he uses traditional Chiropractic techniques, Applied Kinesiology (AK) and Active release (ART) to address a wide range of medical conditions. Through a detailed orthopaedic and neurological examination, his focus of care is on resolving the primary cause of a complaint in addition to assessing the potential for future injury.

With experience working alongside leading practitioners and Neurologists, he has a broad and informed approach to the factors affecting physical performance and wellbeing. Ben firmly believes that with the diversity of people’s lives in the 21st century, no two patients are the same and treatment should be tailored to individual health ambitions and needs.

Through his private clinical work in Surrey and Harley Street, Ben has treated a variety of sports men and women including international Rugby, Polo and Tennis players and several athletes at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Ben is registered with the General Chiropractic Council (GCC), the British Chiropractic Association (BCA) and European Chiropractors’ Union (ECU).

Ben is available for treatments on Monday mornings between 8am and 1pm.

What is Colon Hydrotherapy?

A means of delivering clean, filtered water into the colon of a patient. Surprisingly, it is not a new form of complementary medicine to most people. It has actually been around for over 3,500 years and helps the removal of unnecessary faecal matter and food debris that has not been eliminated from the colon (large intestine or gut) that may have accumulated over a period of time.

Performed by a skilled operator, the trapped matter or debris is successfully removed enabling the patient to feel cleaner and healthier, both physically and mentally. It is a completely safe and relaxing treatment that helps to restore the feeling of wellbeing internally whilst providing a healthier look on the outside with a positive effect on the skin’s complexion.

The benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy:
• Re-educates the colon, which improves elimination of faecal matter during a bowel movement.
• Restores muscle tone to the colon.
• Improves biosis of the gut (correct balance of friendly/non-friendly bacteria internally).
• Removes toxicity in the body.
• Reduces gas and bloating.
• Improves symptoms associated with IBS.
• Improves nutrient absorption.
• Gives a feeling of wellbeing both physically and mentally.

KX Colon Hydrotherapist - David Taylor

David has been working in complimentary medicine for over 17 years. He originally trained as a remedial therapist and has worked with a wide and varied client base giving him great knowledge of the human body from a physical aspect. He first encountered colon hydrotherapy fifteen years ago when he undertook his first treatment. Realising the benefits he immediately began researching the treatment and embarked on his journey towards training as a colon hydrotherapist.

David’s colonic training was under the guidance of Dr. Milo Siewert at the basic level, and at advanced level with Anne Blouet and Roger Groos, at the formerly-known European School of Colon Hydrotherapy.

David has worked at various clinics within London including Harley Street and has built a large client base that has stayed faithful to his professional attitude and ability. This has helped him to become one of the best known therapists in his field and he is frequently listed in the top 100 complimentary practitioners in London.

Colon Hydrotherapy FAQs

Click here to view our FAQs on Colon Hydrotherapy

Systems Used In Colon Hydrotherapy

There are two different types of system used within the field of Colon Hydrotherapy.

The most commonly used in clinical set-ups worldwide is the Woods Gravity System. As the name implies it replies on gravity to allow the flow of water from a wall-suspended tank to enter the patient’s colon under the control and guidance of the therapist. The gravity system is very much a hands-on way of working for the therapist and is extremely easy to control. Many practitioners favour this method as it is very simple to use by a properly qualified therapist.

The second system, used only in a small number of clinics, is the Machine. These units are very expensive because of their engineering and therefore found in operation less often. There are three types of machine on the market and at KX we use a German system, which is regarded as the Rolls Royce of machines. The machine offers a greater level of control and ease of use. It feeds water into the patient a little more gently as it uses an electronic pump mechanism to control water flow. Machines also have an on board pressure gauge, instantaneously changeable water temperature and a large illuminated viewing chamber to ascertain the patient’s inner health more clearly.

Neither of these systems is considered to be better than the other and both are completely safe and hygienic being what are known as closed systems. The therapist may use either depending what presenting condition they are working with. Both set-ups use three or four stage filtration units which ensure the use of clean water of the highest level. Comfort with both systems is also never compromised.

KX Colon Hydrotherapist - Michelle Laud

Following a career in corporate management, Michelle retrained as a holistic therapist after she experienced the power of natural healing on a deeply personal level. Through this experiential evidence, Michelle gained an intense awareness about the importance of self-empowerment and knowledge through the natural healing process.

She is passionate about helping clients achieve a connection with the intrinsic healing mechanisms of their physical bodies and to acknowledge a basic principle of ‘wholism’ – how completely intertwined our bodies are with our emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Michelle has many years extensive and varied experience within the natural health field, specialising in colonic hydrotherapy, reflexology and nutritional coaching. She strives to maintain the best client care whilst upholding the highest clinical and professional standards.

Michelle is registered with the Association of Reflexologists (AoR) and the Association and Register of Colon Hydrotherapists (ARCH).

Aromatherapy Massage

Ease away stresses and strains and bring body and mind back into balance. This full body massage fuses the best of East and West practices. Carefully applied pressures stimulate the nervous system while Swedish and neuromuscular massage techniques support a healthy circulation and soothe the body.


A unique combination massage using deep tissue work, all encompassing strokes, acupressure and gentle body mobility movements. Taking its inspiration from Australian Aboriginal techniques the Kiradjee massage aims to rebalance the body using the clients own weight movement and muscle tone as well as the masseur’s strength. An incredibly pampering, deep and releasing experience.

Deep Tissue / Remedial Massage

This massage aids in releasing chronic muscle tension through slow strokes and direct deep pressure applied across the muscle fibres and tendons.


Based on the principle that there are reflex points on the feet and hands that correspond to each organ, gland and structure in the body, the therapist focuses on stimulating these areas to release congestion, reduce tension and restore energy flow.

Swedish Massage

This is a deeply relaxing treatment, perfect for someone who is new to massage. Allow the therapist to tailor the treatment to suit your requirements. Relax, unwind and de-stress.

Structural Integration

Helps restore the body’s innate potential for growth and development and heightens a new self-awareness of physical and mental wellbeing. When the musculoskeletal system is rebalanced and realigned our potential for movement and spaciousness expands.

The Bowen Technique

The Bowen Technique is primarily a remedial therapy tool that allows the body to correct itself using the fascia (a type of tissue) and the nervous system. It differs from other forms of therapy in that it does not attempt to inflict a specific outcome onto the client.

Through light touch the practitioner delivers signals to the nervous system at specific locations on muscles, tendons, ligaments or nerves offering the body the opportunity to restore structural integrity. There is no hard tissue manipulation or any deep prolonged pressure.

The majority of moves can be performed through light clothing so there is no massaging or use of oils. It is gentle enough to be used on acute conditions, as well as chronic problems. This technique can offer fast and lasting relief from pain and discomfort for conditions which include musculoskeletal problems, back, shoulder and neck pain or restrictions, hamstring problems, headaches, hay fever, asthma and anxiety.

Digestive Therapy

This dynamic abdominal massage is designed to drain and move impurities and tension in the colon.

Pregnancy Massage

Relaxing and energy boosting massage which helps ease the strain of pregnancy and improve fluid retention. It is non-ntrusive to the baby, and treatments can start from the 2nd trimester and continue throughout pregnancy.

Myofascial Massage

Using light to deep touch methods, working with the whole body, the focus is to release the network of fascia from the muscle and bone to balance the outer and inner layers of connective tissue.

Sports Massage

As a means of preventing and managing injury, this massage focuses on particular muscle groups – either ones that have been injured or those relevant to a specific sports activity.

MLD - Manual Lymphatic Drainage

MLD is a gentle rhythmic massage designed to stimulate the lymphatic vessels and encourage the flow of lymph fluids, and has the beneficial effect of removing toxins and excess water from the body’s tissues.

Indian-Ayurvedic Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is a treatment based on old Ayurvedic techniques involving work on the neck, scalp and face. A variety of massage movements are used to relieve accumulated tension, stimulate circulation and restore joint movement. Indian Head Massage is used by practitioners to help reduce stress and fatigue, increase mental clarity, and relax and rejuvenate the receiver.

Thai Yoga Massage

Thai yoga is a combination of yoga, shiatsu and acupressure. A variety of stretching and rocking movements, applies pressure to the body’s energy points to loosen tight muscles and increase the range of motion and accelerate rehabilitation.

Perform And Function Program

The concept is taken from a medieval symbol which captures the essence of the people living at the time. It means free, cheerful, hardy and nature respectful. Feeling free, maintaining a good sense of humor and being hardy are all part of what you might call radiant health or health which is more than an absence of illness. Nature aware and respectful. Acknowledging the powerful and delicate balance we walk with nature and all its wonderful nutrients and the ability we have to harness these nutrients and bioactive substances to thrive.

The ultimate goal of the Perform and Function Program is maximum health, wellness and performance whilst keeping happy!

At KX our strength lies in the ability to use what works for the individual. We fundamentally believe in the difference in function between people and the need for different approaches to bring out the best performance. As such we draw on standard applications of clinical nutrition alongside the use of Eastern principles of healing. We combine this with modern instruments of assessment of function, from the omega wave to standard blood chemistry panels, questionnaires and clinical assessment.

The raw data on functional status helps us to design our plans and build suitable supplementation strategies. We provide excellent resources and product recommendations to enhance the returns our clients receive from their program.


Glen has a Masters Degree in Nutritional Medicine from the University of Surrey, graduating with distinction. He is also trained as a Nutritional Therapist, graduating from the Institute for Optimum Nutrition (ION).

Glen’s work spans private practice, corporate consultancy, lecturing, writing and broadcasting, including numerous TV appearances. Glen is an award-winning writer who contributes to a number of publications, including The Times, The Daily Mail, Easy Living and many others. He is the author of two books, The 100 Foods You Should Be Eating and The Health Delusion, which won this year’s prestigious Medical Journalists’ Association award for consumer health book of the year. Glen is co-founder and director of the pioneering health information blog and is an expert blogger for the Huffington Post.

In addition to a strong academic approach to his work, Glen has received extensive training in behaviour change whist working in diabetes prevention research, an invaluable skill for maximising the effectiveness of his sophisticated nutritional programmes. He has also had the great fortune of collaborating with world-renowned Functional Medicine expert Doctor Georges Mouton, with whom Glen has worked closely for several years.

This extensive training, and diverse experience, puts Glen in a unique position to offer highly effective expert nutritional advice. Glen focuses on the importance of taking an individualised approach to promote optimal health, focusing on the underlying causes of any health problems, rather than just the symptoms. As a result, Glen provides his clients with comprehensive, personalised and highly sophisticated nutritional programmes, reflecting the latest scientific evidence and current thinking.

Glen’s main areas of interest include nutritional approaches for weight management, fatigue, cardiovascular health, pre-diabetes and insulin resistance, low mood and depression, pre-conceptual care and pregnancy, bone health, joint health, inflammatory conditions, along with approaches that support healthy ageing and optimal health.

Glen has been in practice since 2001 and is a registered member of BANT and the NTC.

You Can’t Out-Train a Poor Diet

Many people with gym memberships put in the hours but then decrease their performance by either having poor nutrition, or having good nutrition but for a different body type.

One of the things Matt has encountered over the years of working in nutrition and health is the lack of specific recommendations for individuals – taking into account their body types and unique biochemical and hormonal make up. If all other things are equal the better nourished individual will have an edge on their competition, not just on the sporting field, but in the workplace.

Matt provides a monthly clinic to keep up with other health and performance issues and a bi-weekly clinic for KX members where he offers: rapid body transformation (muscle gain and fat loss); sports and event specific programmes; symptom and metabolic type specific recommendations; nutritional support for long-term health issues.

Hamish Hurley

Soft tissue expert for chronic pain, acute injury and sports performance
Industry leader in health and performance coaching
Specialist in body fat testing and analysis

NMT – Neuromuscular Therapist
A.R.T. – Active Release Techniques
PIPC 2 (Poliquin International Performance Coach) & Bio signature Modulation
BSc – Human Physiology
BPhEd – Physical Education (Major in Exercise Physiology)

If you are frustrated or looking to improve your weight, your health, your mind, your workouts, your function or your wellbeing then why not turn to the same person who Olympic and professional athletes, actors, rockstars and other people in the know turn to for answers? For 22 years Hamish Hurley has been helping people create positive change in their lives by asking one simple question. `What is the root cause of a problem and how can we treat that cause?” Seeking an answer to this question has led to an eclectic body of knowledge amassed by studying with the greatest minds in the sport, health and wellbeing industries. He has personally been invited to study with many of the greatest therapists, doctors, consultants and coaches. From functional medicine with Dr Jeffery Bland, PhD, to cardiology with Dr Mark Houston, from osteopathy with Dr Guy Voyer to Active Release Techniques (A.R.T.) with Dr Mike Leahy, from strength and conditioning with Charles Poliquin to Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) with Paul St John. From physical therapy to nutrition, hormones to cardiology, from elite sport to back pain Hamish has studied them all to provide you with a solution rather than just a band-aid. By addressing the cause of a problem you can often resolve it permanently and with less effort than the band-aid approach.

If you cannot lose weight then surely you want find out why. Maybe it’s not your diet, maybe it is. Maybe it’s not your workout, or maybe it’s that you are working out too much. Most often it’s something unrelated to exercise that is actually stopping you losing weight, so why waste your time and effort when you are not getting the results you really want? That is why you must get an individualized approach. An approach that finds a solution because what works for your friends may not work for you, or may even take you further from your goals. For example maybe your back pain is coming from your back, but maybe its actually caused by your neck or your foot or even your jaw and unless you fix the cause it will keep returning causing pain and suffering. As the old adage goes, one person’s medicine is another person’s poison. So fix what needs to be fixed. Achieve the results you want to achieve by removing what is standing in your way – every problem has a solution. Make an appointment today to see what you are missing and how to find it.

Neurosmuscular and Soft Tissue Testimonials

“Hamish Hurley is a sports nutrition genius! His ability to improve an athlete’s performance through his unique food protocols is second to none. I have never seen a program work so quickly. My athletes can train harder, faster and with more endurance than ever before. Hamish has given us the extra edge that we have been looking for. I recommend anyone that is serious about their health to find out what he is all about.”
Terrence Mahon, Head Coach & Founder
Mammoth Track Club, Olympic Medal Coach

“Hamish Hurley is a dedicated, multi-faceted practitioner who operates in the highest zones of influence today in the world of elite sport therapies. His knowledge of nutrition, physiological impairments to excellence and his endless network of experts are a valuable tool for clients and sport disciplines that tap into his wheelhouse of services. Cutting edge and outside the box are terms that come quickly to mind when I review our interactions that occur on a weekly basis. His ability to survey the situation and the person at hand is second to none as experienced by my 38 years of working in elite sport performance. When we occasion a puzzle that defies conventional thinking, his number is the first that I call.”
Dan A. Pfaff
Centre Director and Head Coach for UK Athletics, Olympic Medal Coach

“Before meeting Hamish I had been a full-time professional distance runner for 11 years, my accomplishments up to that point included: qualifying for four US Olympic Marathon Trials, competing on three US teams, setting two American Records and running the second fastest 50k in history. I am not the typical emaciated, skinny runner – my father was a wrestler and both my brothers are over 200 lbs. I offer this because my weight has always been an issue; due to this I had worked with a handful of high-end nutritionists during my career, with what I thought at the time to be good results.

When I met Hamish we had a 90-minute consult, I underwent blood work, a 12-site body comp test and he offered his new plan – a complete overhaul of my diet. His strategy wasn’t just what to eat but when to eat, the supplements I took balanced my levels, and, to be frank, the program was easy – it certainly took planning but I was never hungry, I was eating all the time. Veins started showing up across my abs and quads, I was leaning out, performing better and, most of all, I felt phenomenal. After following his protocol for six weeks I had a dexa scan and my body fat was at 4.0%, my lowest ever.

This is not hyperbole: I believe Hamish Hurley to be a miracle worker; he truly is the best. Frankly, the only reservation I have about giving my endorsement is that my competitors may come to hear about Hamish and start following his plan. If you are tired of mediocre results and looking to take your body to the next level, look no further, you’ve found the best in the business.”
Josh Cox
Professional Distance Runner, 2nd fastest 50km in history.


A system of diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of medical conditions. It works with the structure and function of the body, and is based on the principle that the wellbeing of an individual depends on the skeleton, muscles, ligaments and connective tissues functioning smoothly together.

It is a system of diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of somatic dysfunction helping with numerous medical conditions and works with the structure to help the function of the body. It is based on the principle that the wellbeing of an individual depends on the musculoskeletal system (skeleton, muscles, ligaments and connective tissues), the circulatory system (arterial flow, venous return and lymphatic drainage) and the neurological system functioning smoothly together.

Boniface Verney-Carron BSc. (OST) (Hons). M.R.O

Integrated Osteopathy
Structural techniques
Visceral Osteopathy
Cranio-Sacral Osteopathy
Sports injuries

Boniface is a French registered osteopath who graduated from the European School of Osteopathy after two years in medical university in France and four years osteopathic training in the UK.
He started his career at the IMC, the first Integrated Medical Centre in Europe. Working there exposed him to numerous interesting and unusual cases. This enabled him to develop a strong understanding of other therapies, while creating a solid network and great experience in Osteopathic Medicine. It was during his time at the IMC that he started to work closely with Dr Wendy Denning, taking care of her patients with mechanical dysfunctions.

Boniface also worked for five years at Destination Health and Fitness, where he worked closely with martial art fighters (Krav, Maga, Karate and Muay Thai) to improve their physical performance and to help them recover from frequent injuries.
Today, Boniface works in three practices to continue developing his different fields of expertise: Integrated Osteopathy, Sports Injuries, Pregnancy Care and New Born Care (Cranio-Sacral Osteopathy). At KX he works in close collaboration with the personal training and therapist team to help clients reach optimum results from their training, thereby significantly improving their health and preventing further injury or disease.

His mixed, conventional and osteopathic training gives him an unusual approach to treating his patients, and allows him to understand the origin of his patient’s symptoms, rather than focusing on the symptoms themselves. By treating his patients this way he achieves a more permanent and long-term recovery.

Boniface is also a certified trained Garuda teacher – a blend of dance, yoga and pilates. This means he puts a great emphasis on the combination of rhythmical, yoga and core-based sequence of exercises. It allows him to read very quickly the mobile capacity of his patients and therefore advise them for the best tailored exercises routine to do at home.

Boniface uses the full range of techniques offered by an Integrated Osteopath: adjustments, mobilisation and massage ; Visceral Osteopathy (gentle manipulation of abdominal organs) ; Cranio-sacral Osteopathy; Acupuncture and Cupping.


Our physiotherapist has a detailed understanding of how the body works and the ability to distinguish between normal and abnormal posture, balance and movement. He can help restore function and prevent disability arising from trauma and injury.

Simon Rice

Simon is an Australian-trained physiotherapist with an undergraduate Sports Science Degree and a Masters in Physiotherapy. He has worked as a strength and conditioning coach and physiotherapist with athletes from a variety of sports including international cricket, rugby and golf players on the European Golf Association Tour. His career highlights include being a member of the Cricket Australia Physiotherapy Working Group and presenting at conferences in India and Australia.

Simon believes in a holistic approach to physiotherapy treatment and enjoys assisting people get back to what they enjoy doing whether that is returning to elite sport or being able to run around pain free with their children. Simon enjoys travelling and one day hopes to attain his private pilot license.


• Medical micro needling treatment
• Acne Assessment and treatment
• Steroid injections of pimples for acute acne
• Combination micro needling and skin revitalising treatment
• Combination micro needling and skin revitalising treatment and mesotherapy
• Injectable skin revitalising therapy

Cosmetic Treatments On Offer

• Face, neck & décolletage
• Anti-wrinkle treatments
• Dermal fillers
• Cheek enhancement
• Non-surgical nose reshaping
• Chin augmentation
• Jawline and neck enhancement
• Lip shaping and rejuvenation
• Lip hydration
• Non-surgical brow lift
• Liquid face lift
• Face sculpting
• Décolletage rejuvenation
• Mesolift
• MesoBoto (combination mesotherapy and botox cocktail)

Scar Revision

• Keloid treatment with steroid injection
• Scar revision
• Stretch marks


• Zeltic Coolsculpting
• Mesocellulite
• Mesosculpt
• Excessive sweating


• Excessive sweating
• Micro needling
• Hydrating and revitalising injectable treatments
• Combination therapy
• Mesotherapy


• Teeth grinding intervention using muscle relaxing injectables
• Enhance eye lash growth with Latisse
• Hair rejuvenation through vitamin mesotherapies

Kx Combination Medi-facials

Each facial is bespoke to the client by using a combination of the latest technologies and scientific products, to target your skin’s needs and achieve optimum results.

Lightwave Light Therapy

These LED lights are the most sophisticated LEDT (light emitting diode therapy) systems in the industry. The superior results can be accomplished by using and controlling the appropriate wavelengths, time and frequency. We can incorporate the programs into all facials to focus on specific issues or significantly improve anti-aging treatments. Alternatively we can deliver the light as a standalone treatment for the face and body, again using the purposely designed programs to target areas and issues. Regular delivery will strengthen and restore the skin, reduce the appearance of pigmentation and increase cellular hydration prior to sun exposure. Lightwave Therapy treatments for the body improve the appearance of tired, flaccid skin on the breasts and abdomen, stretch marks, spider veins and cellulite. When combining Lightwave with Mesocellulite or Velashape II, the client will achieve superior results.

Lifting Facial

Focusing on improving the condition of the skin the Zenny’s lifting facial uses a mixture of smooth strokes, quick lifting movements and subtle, yet deep muscle manipulation to work underneath the surface tissues. It aims to improve circulation bringing oxygen and nutrients to the surface of the skin, aids the lymphatic system in eliminating toxins, helps to remove dead skin cells, stimulates cellular renewal and gives the effect of a natural face-lift and youth.

Priori Peels

Skin peels freshen up dull, tired skin, increase hydration and soften lines and wrinkles. They also help deal with problems such as acne, blemishes and sun damage. Our PRIORI® range (AHA, Idebenone, Coffeeberry) offers a versatile selection of light to medium peels that require no downtime and deliver instant results.

Intraceuticals Infusions

The Intraceuticals Infusion is a unique combination of low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid based serums with vitamins A, C & E, and antioxidants that are infused using oxygen under pressure to deliver a deep level of hydration. It produces an instant result, and makeup can be applied immediately after, so it is a great red carpet treatment that has gained a strong celebrity following.

Hydraermie Plus

The Hydradermie Plus Facial focuses on the face, eye area, neck and decollete, revitalising your skin with added firming and toning serums.


Skin resurfacing is a treatment that improves wrinkles, skin texture and colour by removing the topmost layer of skin leaving it more supple and vibrant. Skin resurfacing also stimulates the elastic tissue beneath the surface of the skin resulting in a healthier and firmer appearance.


This technology is applied to the skin via the Lightwave lights and allows us to deliver powerful peptides into the skin. Until now, larger molecules such as collagen have been unable to be delivered through the skin’s barrier without being injected or ablating the skin. DermaKinetics enables delivery of collagen to the layers where it occurs naturally, restoring levels that have been diminished over time by sun exposure, pollution and the natural ageing process. Application will dramatically reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation, scars and cellulite.

Facial Rejuventation Acupuncture

This specialised treatment is a crucial breakthrough in non-surgical face lifts. The treatment uses traditional acupuncture techniques specifically targeting the facial points. It will leave you feeling your personal best.


Genuine Dermaroller™ Therapy™ provides advanced micro-medical skin-needling, a procedure that stimulates the skin to regenerate and repair itself naturally and safely, creating smoother, brighter, healthier, younger-looking skin.

Hydraermie Facial

A monthly deep cleansing, regenerating Hydradermie facial will keep your skin in optimum condition. The therapist will advise the best treatment to suit your skin type: de-hydrated, mature, oily, sensitive or pigmented.

Hydraermie Lift

Lift, firm, boost and define the facial contour using a stimulating micro current to treat both the skin and facial muscles for an immediate ‘lifting’ effect. Available in Express and Deluxe formats or combine with other Guinot facials.

Waxing Hair Removal

Our beauty therapists use Australian Lycon wax to ensure you obtain the desired results with minimal discomfort. We cater for both men and women and our therapists are trained in both hot and strip wax techniques.

Sugaring Hair Removal

The Ancient Egyptian art of hair removal that has been practiced for thousands of years. A sugar paste is gently warmed, applied and removed with the hand using an acquired flicking technique that removes hair effectively without adhering to the skin. This method is 100% natural and environmentally friendly.

Electrolysis Hair Removal

Electrolysis is a good alternative to waxing as it can be permanent if regular treatments are taken and can also be used on fine hair that waxing cannot remove.

KX Nail Lounge

Hands and feet are always working. Keeping them looking and feeling great is simple and relaxing with regular manicures and pedicures. Dry skin, rough cuticles, calloused heels and weak, damaged nails will all benefit from regular nail therapy. Leave your nails bare, buffed or polished for the perfect finish. We consider nail therapy to be an essential part of self-care.


Tinting is available for both eyebrows and eyelashes, enhancing the appearance of your eyes.

Threading Hair Removal

An ancient art of hair removal using a fine cotton thread. This technique is a quick and precise method suitable for all areas of the face, including the lip, chin, sides, eyebrows and neck. Regrowth is slower and even the finest and shortest of hairs are removed. It is particularly good at creating definition to the eyebrow.

Eyelash Perming

This semi-permanent method for enhancing the eyes will help make the most of your features without the need for eyelash extensions. Combine with an eyelash tint to accentuate your eyes to their full.

Natura Bissé

The Diamond Lift (90mins)
The ultimate anti-ageing treatment designed to awake and regenerate the skin. A bespoke facial using the Diamond Collection, exclusive and highly effective active ingredients address each and every one of the aspects of the skin’s ageing process.

Citrus-a-peel (60mins)
Give your skin a boost of energy with 100% pure Vitamin C. This anti-oxidant treatment relieves sun-damaged skin and helps fight the signs of premature ageing. Skin will emerge bright, nourished and revitalized.

O2 awakening (60mins)
Infuse every pore with a blast of pure O2xygen. An instant refreshing and uplifting treatment for tired, congested and dull lethargic skin.

The Diamond Body (90mins)
Sparkle like a diamond with this luxurious anti-ageing body exfoliation treatment. Diamond dust, Micronized iron and wild lavender essential oils are combined to make this unique magnetic body scrub.

KX Wellness Ritual (90mins)
The ultimate pampering treatment ideal before a special occasion or as part of your skin’s well-being programme. Customised to meet your needs, your treatment begins with a cleansing ritual to hands and feet with steam towels and essence followed by an aroma back drizzle, de-stressing hot stones back massage and a bespoke facial.


A new active treatment wrap that combines advanced BIO-technology with natural ingredients that work effectively to dramatically decrease the appearance of fat deposits and cellulite by 67% in less than four weeks.

• Significantly reduce Cellulite & Inches
• Enhance Weight Loss
• Dramatically reduce “Orange peel” Skin
• Slim, Firm & Tone
• Fight Rebel Fat Deposits
• Eliminate Toxins
• Stimulate the Lymphatic System with its Thermo Agents
• Help Burn Fat by Thermo-regulation
• Induce Lipolysis and Fat Burning in the layer below the skin’s surface
• Improve the Appearance of Varicose Veins and Stretch Marks
• Prevents Spider Veins & Capillary Redness
• Improve Circulation and the Metabolism of Fat Cells
• Increase the Consumption of Calories
• Reduce the Feeling of “Heavy” Legs
• Have Anti-Inflammatory Properties
• Result in the loss of 1 to 4 cm Around Waist & Thighs on First Application

Targeting cellulite and fat, it burns calories, enhances weight loss and slims, firms and tones producing instantly visible and long lasting results from the first treatment.

Priori Age Reversal Body Treatment

A relaxing yet intensive body treatment that addresses the visible signs of aging and dehydration. It delivers multi-layer skincare therapy for dehydrated, dry, sun-damaged or devitalised skin. Exfoliation evens the skin tone while deeply hydrating at the dermal level. The skin is left with a smoother, softer, brighter look and feel.

KX Body Scrub

A delightful treatment that incorporates the whole body. Throughout the treatment the body is thoroughly exfoliated with a salt scrub, then massaged and moisturised with rich and nourishing cream. Products are layered to create a feeling of intense hydration.

Decollete and Cleavage/Back Facial

Decollete and Cleavage/Back Facial
Designed to give your décolleté or back the same care and attention as you would your face. Using the latest science and technologies our therapists will tailor the treatment to your needs using a combination of cosmeceutical products, LED light therapy, microdermabrasion, peels and masks to improve hydration, the appearance of lines and wrinkles and reduce inflammation, breakouts and sun damage.

Velashape II

Featuring the revolutionary elos™ combination of Bi-Polar Radiofrequency (RF) and Infrared Light Energy technology, plus Vacuum and Mechanical Massage the Velashape II is a body contouring treatment that tightens and smoothes the skin whilst targeting cellulite.

The combined three mode treatment increases the metabolism of stored energy, boosts lymphatic drainage & circulation and firms and smoothes the skin by stimulating collagen production. VelaShape II is the first FDA-cleared non-invasive medical solution for circumferential reduction and the first FDA class II cleared platform for cellulite reduction.


Mesocellulite is used to aid weight loss and effectively reduce cellulite. The treatment targets fat problem areas by stimulating the body to drain the fat through natural functions. The treatment works well alongside a good exercise and dietary programme, shifting stubborn areas in preparation for an event or a holiday.

Zeltic Coolsculpting

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive fat-layer reduction treatment that uses a groundbreaking technology cooling process called Cryolipolysis to target and destroy fat cells, which is then naturally removed from your body. Safe, medically-cleared and effective, the treatment requires no medication or anaesthetic and there is little to no downtown.


Fat reduction, cellulite improvement, body contouring and skin tightening – introducing the most advanced non-surgical fat reduction and body shaping system.

Targeting specific problem areas such as stomach, hips and buttocks, thighs and knees, calves, arms and male chest area,
i-lipoXcell™ effectively removes excess fat via laser lipolysis and contours the body without the need for invasive surgery.

Treating fat tissue found just beneath the skin, i-lipoXcell™ offers a perfect complement to diet and exercise. A world leader in laser innovation, i-lipoXcell™ incorporates four technologies for intelligent body fat analysis and measurement, laser diode fat reduction, IR Vacuum massage and Radiofrequency skin tightening.

i-lipoXcell benefits:
• Targeted fat reduction for all areas of the body
• Targeted skin tightening
• Reduction in the appearance of cellulite
• Visible improvement of stretch marks
• Immediate results after each treatment
• Average of 3cm reduction per treatment
• Aided lymphatic drainage
FDA and clinically proven
• Accurate BFA – Body Fat Analysis
• Safe and comfortable with no downtime

Ellipse I2PL

Clinically proven for the treatment of hair removal, pigmentation, skin rejuvenation, thread veins and acne, Ellipse I2PL is a safe and effective treatment.

Functional Medicine

Doctor Georges Mouton is internationally renowned as a leading expert in Functional Medicine. He holds consultations in London where he uses a sophisticated Functional Medicine approach to both treat his patients’ complaints and prevent chronic degenerative diseases or future ailments.

Doctor Mouton is the author of “Les Méthodes du Docteur Mouton” (Dr Mouton’s Methods), published in 2002. In this book, he shares 20 years of experience in training and treating amateur and professional sports people. His second book, “Ecosystème intestinal & Santé optimale” (Intestinal Ecosystem and Optimal Health) was first published in 2004, and then re-printed in 2005, 2007, 2010, and 2013. In this rigorously referenced work (1355 scientific medical articles are mentioned along the 512 pages), Dr Mouton offers a comprehensive scientific exploration of the interconnected relationships between intestinal function/dysfunction and general health/disease, a work that represents a classic pillar of Functional Medicine.

His third book, “Introduction à la Médecine Fonctionnelle” (Introduction to Functional Medicine) will be published in November 2013, and an English version is scheduled for early 2014 with the contribution of Glen Matten, his expert in nutritional medicine.

Malvina Fraser, Advanced Medical Aesthetician

Highly regarded as one of London’s top beauty specialists and skincare advisers, Malvina Fraser has over 30 years of experience within the beauty and medical industry.

Caring and listening is her passion, advising and directing her clients to achieve results has given Malvina the reputation she deserves in the industry. Specializing in advanced skin rejuvenation and laser, creating and mixing different treatments has become her forte. Malvina is known as the ‘miracle worker’ in non-invasive anti-aging treatments, boasting a clientele that extends all over the world including many high profile celebrities.

Since the beginning of her career in 1987, Malvina has been constantly in the media including regular features in Vogue, Tatler and Harpers Bazaar. Malvina has also appeared on various TV programs including Ten Years Younger, Kitchen Sink to Catwalk and ITV1 Lorraine in the Morning.

Laser Treatments available

• Skin rejuvenation
• Sublime™ facial contouring and lifting
• Sublative™ skin resurfacing
• Wrinkle reduction
• Acne scar reduction
• Décolleté, neck and hand rejuvenation
• Pain free laser hair removal

Body Contouring and Sculpting

• VelaShape II
• Bioslimming
• CoolSculpting
• i-lipoXcell

Next Generation of Laser Therapies

The newest and most advanced laser system in London; enter the elos Plus, the very latest system from Syneron. Using the most cutting-edge technology the elos Plus is setting a new standard in laser.

Combining a number of different energies, elos stands for ‘Electro-Optical Synergy’, referring to the combination of both laser (i.e. light) and radiofrequency energy. This addition of radiofrequency to the laser achieves two goals: the ability to deliver more effective and precise treatments and to do so more safely. The elos Plus combines this technology in facial skin resurfacing, pain free hair removal, and advanced skin rejuvenation and lifting treatments.


• Cryolift freeze therapy
• Malvina bespoke facial
• Dermaroller rejuvenation


CoolSculpting is a tried and trusted, completely non-invasive treatment that helps you successfully lose (average 30%) body fat, permanently. With over a million treatments undertaken worldwide, this safe, viable alternative to Liposuction freezes the body’s fat cells until they reach a temperature that triggers their natural death. At which point the fat cells are naturally metabolised and gradually eliminated by the body, without any damage to the surrounding nerves or tissue.

CoolSculpting makes it easy to target excess fat on specific areas of the body – love handles, a post-pregnancy paunch, bra rolls, inner or outer thighs, male chest or ‘muffin top’ – to comfortably and conveniently eliminate it for good. CoolSculpting can be used by our expert practitioners in two ways – either to slim down larger areas, for instance the abdomen, or to sculpt, giving you greater definition and revealing your body at its best.

The CoolSculpting machine is placed onto the desired area and a firm pressure, like a strong pulling sensation, may be experienced, followed by a cooling jet. There may be some mild discomfort at the start of the treatment, but this will subside after the first 5-10 minutes leaving you free to relax. There may also be some temporary numbness, redness or bruising, but this soon subsides and there are no lasting side effects. More importantly, CoolSculpting requires no knife, no needles, no lasers and no compression garments or aftercare. After treatment, clients are free to continue with their normal daily activities. The treatment lasts approximately one hour and is always administered by an experienced

Registered CoolSculpting Practitioner to ensure optimum client safety and comfort.


Mesocellulite is used to aid weight loss and effectively reduce cellulite. The treatment targets fat problem areas by stimulating the body to drain the fat through natural functions. The treatment works well alongside a good exercise and dietary programme, shifting stubborn areas in preparation for an event or a holiday.


This non-invasive technique carries none of the risks of infection or side effects of liposuction or other forms of surgery.

Vanquish focuses on the fat stores in the abdomen, love handles, legs and arms, successfully destroying targeted fat cells without harming the skin or nearby tissues; most patients’ lose between 2-4 inches in the treated area.

Vanquish uses a Selective RF™ system that delivers radiofrequency energy directly to the targeted fat cells. This heats and destroys the fat cells without affecting the skin or any surrounding muscles or tissues.

The procedure takes 45 minutes, you can return to work immediately without interrupting your personal or professional lifestyle. We recommend 4-6 treatments one per week to achieve optimum results.

No Pain, No Downtime, No Side Effects.


Featuring the revolutionary elos™ combination of Bi-Polar Radiofrequency (RF) and Infrared Light Energy technology, plus Vacuum and Mechanical Massage the Velashape II is a body contouring treatment that tightens and smoothes the skin whilst targeting cellulite.

The combined three mode treatment increases the metabolism of stored energy, boosts lymphatic drainage & circulation and firms and smoothes the skin by stimulating collagen production. VelaShape II is the first FDA-cleared non-invasive medical solution for circumferential reduction and the first FDA class II cleared platform for cellulite reduction.


Fat reduction, cellulite improvement, body contouring and skin tightening – introducing the most advanced non-surgical fat reduction and body shaping system.

Targeting specific problem areas such as stomach, hips and buttocks, thighs and knees, calves, arms and male chest area,
i-lipoXcell™ effectively removes excess fat via laser lipolysis and contours the body without the need for invasive surgery.

Treating fat tissue found just beneath the skin, i-lipoXcell™ offers a perfect complement to diet and exercise. A world leader in laser innovation, i-lipoXcell™ incorporates four technologies for intelligent body fat analysis and measurement, laser diode fat reduction, IR Vacuum massage and Radiofrequency skin tightening.

i-lipoXcell benefits:

• Targeted fat reduction for all areas of the body
• Targeted skin tightening
• Reduction in the appearance of cellulite
• Visible improvement of stretch marks
• Immediate results after each treatment
• Average of 3cm reduction per treatment
• Aided lymphatic drainage
FDA and clinically proven
• Accurate BFA – Body Fat Analysis
• Safe and comfortable with no downtime

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