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Current Vacancies

Personal Trainer

Job Description


Job Title: Personal Trainer


Reporting to: Gym Manager and Wellness Director


Education and Development: Extensive continued education


Main function of post: Deliver exceptional PT services in one of the country’s leading PT facilities



Key Attributes & Skills

  • Level 3 Personal Training Qualification
  • 5 years relevant industry experience
  • Extensive & continued education post Level 3 PT qualification
  • Have a growth mindset & passion for excellence
  • Ability to deliver personalised and exceptional customer service
  • Outstanding one to one and team communication skills
  • A high level of administration – use of Microsoft Excel, Word and Outlook
  • Must display professional tracking of client results & programs
  • Passion for health and fitness, and ability to coach advanced exercises
  • Immaculate presentation
  • Professional, efficient, and punctual


Key Responsibilities

  • Deliver PT services in line with projected targets
  • Deliver KX 5* customer service and team support as required by the needs of the business.


Customer Service

  • To deliver personal, and cross department customer service beyond member expectations – KX 5* Customer Service.
  • Adhering to member interaction protocols.
  • Deliver exceptional product knowledge of ALL gym equipment and functions.
  • Develop and maintain professional and courteous relationships with all departments.
  • Ensure up to date product knowledge on all KX services – Gym/Spa/Restaurant.
  • Deliver key administration skills smoothly amongst co-workers and shift handovers.


Operations (note: this will be in close contact with fitness management team)

  • Pre-book and plan holidays and holiday cover with line manager and adequate notice


KX Education and Continued Education

  • Continually develop specific professional knowledge and skills as agreed with Gym Director
  • Build your PT volume at KX via networking, promotion, and building relationships with other departments
  • Participate in annual quality assurance process – Mid-year client data check and Annual observational assessment
  •  Set an example for your Fitness Advisor and FAPT peers and support their development and role.


Communication, Additional Points and Responsibilities

  • To understand and adhere to the health and safety and equal opportunities policies.
  • Communicate effectively and regularly with your line manager to support and maintain a professional working dynamic within the fitness team and club.
  • Attend additional service training sessions where required
  • Deliver PT and class invoice by month end due date.
  • To adhere to the rules and regulations: staff entrance, uniform, training times, gym, changing room use, member areas etiquette, and personal grooming.
  • Provide your personal profile information – up to date bio and high-resolution pictures.
  • Adhere to club rules on filming and photography – no filming permitted where members present or without permission.
  • Any social media content or filming within the club must be pre-agreed and used to support promotion of staff PT services at KX and tagged accordingly.