The Athletic Performance Programme (A.P.P) is a 6-week programme focussed on achieving peak performance for those who participate in recreational sport or wish to maximise their human potential. 

Made up of 20 1:1 PT sessions, including comprehensive athletic testing usually reserved to Elite sports teams on week 1 and 6. You will receive a full data breakdown of multiple strength qualities such as reactive, explosive, maximal and dynamic strength.

Designed for peak performance, this industry-leading programme uses cutting-edge science in sports testing to identify metrics that will refine your training regime to make you look & feel stronger, fitter and more powerful.

The Athletic Performance Programme incorporates your personalised data to create a training program that tracks the velocity, speed, and strength of every rep you perform in the gym. Transforming your weaknesses into your strengths.

Prices start from £3,995, inclusive of a one-month membership to our world-leading health & wellness club.


Benefits include:

  • Post workout recovery shakes
  • Optimising Human performance
  • Identify strengths & weaknesses
  • Injury prevention
  • Lean muscle development
  • Improved strength and vitality
  • Improved speed, strength, and power


All benefits will be data driven that we share with you every step of the way.