Where fat loss meets science

KX have reformulated the-pre workout fat burning shot. Read more to find out how you can benefit from this.


Fat loss is a topic most people pay attention to at some point in their lives. Jeans becoming a little tight and the number of belt notches increasing all signal you might have overindulged a little too. This inevitably leads to the question I get asked so often: “I know how to lose body fat, but how do I speed this up and maximise my efforts?’’  For the purposes of this article I have reduced this down to three key areas that you can start applying to your daily lifestyle.


Three effective ways to elicit fat loss:

  1. Calorie restriction
  2. Exercise
  3. Nutritional supplementation


Our bodies are in a constant fluctuation of anabolism referring to building (muscle & fat) and catabolism which is the breaking down (body fat, internal fuel stores and muscle). For the purposes of fat loss, we are interested in the physiological state, catabolism to ensure adipose tissue (body fat) is broken down and utilised for fuel (fat burning).


The most effective way to up-regulate catabolic pathways within your body is via calorie restriction – forcing your body to access stored fuel within the body. If we are constantly in a state of nutritional ‘fullness’, your body has no need to access your stored energy sources such as the body fat you might be wanting to remove. In an energy-restricted state, your body’s preferred energy source, blood glucose, is likely to be running low. Your body then looks for other areas of stored fuel to continue keeping up with energy demands. This is when stored adipose tissue (body fat) is liberated and placed into your bloodstream ready to be taken to the metabolic furnace that is called your mitochondria. These cellular furnaces drive energy production. One of the many reasons KX Red Light therapy is so beneficial is that it works directly on your mitochondria, increasing cellular energy production. This process is also up-regulated significantly in the two phase KX SIRT-Food program that delivers exceptional fat loss results.


Exercise is a huge component in order to expedite the above since exercise is energy intensive, requiring your body to mobilise fuel within to meet energy demands. In general, the more we exercise across an entire week, the higher our energetic output. My personal recommendations for exercise frequency range from a minimum of 4 days per week, up to 6 for those looking for faster results. KX’s transformational program the KX20 includes 20x 1:1 PT sessions over a 28-day period. This is by precise design.


A third way to up-regulate fat loss is to use nutrition and supplementation to maximum effect. This is the primary reason we have designed the KX Pre-Workout Fat Burning Shot. This carefully formulated blend of nutrients is designed to assist in the breaking down and burning of body fat. There is one way to do something, and there is the KX way to do something and our pre-workout fat burner primes your body for fat loss.


Here are some of the ingredients that make up the KX Fat Burning Shot and how they will enhance your fat loss goals:


Matcha – Japanese Green Tea contains EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) which is known to support fat oxidation, have a positive impact on improving your beneficial HDL cholesterol, along with improved cognition. Matcha increases catecholamine production which promotes the release of stored fat into free fatty acids within your bloodstream ready to be metabolically burned.


Grapefruit Oil – has a high level of bio-actives such as limonene that work synergistically within the body with multiple studies showing benefits such as reducing fat mass. Grapefruit also interacts with the Cytochrome p-450 enzyme within the liver further enhancing the lipolytic effects of caffeine.


Peppermint Oil – excellent at awakening your senses and opening your airways, allowing for greater levels of oxygen which are essential for the process of burning fat.


Caffeine – Matcha contains caffeine but for the KX pre-workout fat burner we are looking to the powerful plant in the form of the coffee bean to extract caffeine which will help to drive catecholamine activity further and promote the liberation of stored fat for fuel. Caffeine is one of the most effective sports ergogenic aids and cognitive enhancers you have at your disposal and pre-workout this is a real powerhouse.


When to take this shot?


For maximum effect we recommend this pre-workout fat loss shot to be taken away from food (3-4 hours) and prior to your workout (5-15mins) making it the perfect pre-exercise boost for those exercising first thing in the morning. If you would like to supercharge your fat loss effects, then add an additional espresso shot with this. Making two shots in total. The KX Fat Burner and a single espresso.


For those exercising after lunchtime the same principles apply, but we do not recommend pairing with an espresso due to the potential impact on your sleep that evening due to the caffeine. For afternoon fat loss seekers we recommend you just order a single shot of the KX Fat Burner.


Tracking your fat loss:


The best way to assess your fat loss progress is by undertaking a full body composition analysis which is inclusive of your membership and can be booked directly with our gym manager, Brydie. This will only take 5-10 minutes and we highly recommend this for all KX members. You can contact Brydie at brydie.mccleary@kxlife.co.uk.