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Paul is a highly qualified health professional offering a unique combination of Physiotherapy and Osteopathy. Paul uses this comprehensive approach in order to help you overcome not only your sports injuries and chronic pains but also a range of systemic issues.

Paul’s journey in the Physiotherapy and health began with a 1 year project in Togo, Africa, utilising his skills in the local children’s hospital. This challenging experience brought him endless motivation to become one of the best in his field. He has a number of projects with local charities which he hopes to accomplish over there.

He followed that by working in France in a Parisian practice, as well as providing services for the players of the Club Athletic Périgourdin (CAP) who recently competed in the French Pro D2 rugby division.

In 2013, Paul returned to the UK and completed a postgraduate MSc in Osteopathy for GP’s and Physiotherapists at the British School of Osteopathy, where he was awarded best overall performance 2 years running. During this time Paul continued practicing as a physiotherapist in established West London clinics.

Paul is often asked what the difference between the two professions is. Although the techniques can sometimes appear similar, the difference lies in the philosophy supporting them.

Physiotherapy is a branch of conventional medicine whereas Osteopathy is perceived as a medical approach of its own. Physiotherapy aims to help someone overcome pain and improve function using mainly ‘active approaches’ (where patients are actively engaging) such as rehabilitation, movement re-education, exercise therapy but also some ‘hands on’ techniques.

The Osteopathic philosophy believes that optimising the body tissues and systems, using mainly ‘passive’ approaches, will not only eliminate pain but will also have effects on general body function and the expression of other systemic diseases.

Paul acknowledges the importance of both approaches. Whilst it is important to give a ‘passive’ treatment to one’s structure, it is often equally as important for the patient to work ‘actively’ alongside in order to build appropriate motor patterns. In that sense, Paul offers a unique combination of Physiotherapy and Osteopathy, according to what he judges necessary for his patients.

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