Supplements & Their Anti-aging Benefits

Wednesday, 25th January 2023

Join us on Wednesday, 25th January 2023 as Dr. Angelova and Dr. Kisyova help us to answer the question: Is it possible that correct supplementation can not only improve our vitality & appearance, but also extend our life?


Date: Wednesday, 25th January
Time: 5 – 6pm
Venue: KX Club Room


Our knowledge of the molecular basis of ageing has greatly increased over the past few decades. Nowadays, we all understand the great benefits of supplements and luckily have access to a wide range of them. However, we still need to consider hyper-personalisation as a key element of choosing the right supplements for us.


One of the organs to first show signs of stress, tiredness, dehydration, photo ageing, lack of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals is our skin. Having healthy skin is the main building block for any anti-ageing treatments, and having optimal nutrition and supplementation tailored for our specific needs is an essential part of this process.

Please note: This is a member’s only event