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Saak is an international holistic practitioner. As a natural born healer he developed a unique energy therapy call Mudra Healing. He is also the creator of Saki massage, a combination of the best ancient Asian and Oriental techniques His special touch and therapies will garantees an unforgettable experience.

Mudra energy Healing
Mudra energy healing will help you to clean and release any obstacle in your energetic system such as the Aura and Chakras. It wil increase your vibration reconnecting yourself to the source restoring your natural harmony and inner peace.

Saki Massage:
Saki massage works in every aspect of the body including energetic meridians. It combines the stretches of Thai massage, the acupressure of Shiatsu and Tuina Chinese massage, the smoothness and deep touch of the Balinese, traditional reflexology, and the stimulation of both brain hemispheres using the Indian head massage techniques.
A perfect therapeutic treatment that will allow you to relax, detox and get rid of any stress and tension you may have.

Chi Nei Tsang
This therapy comes from the traditional Chinese medicine. It is based on the manipulation of the organs in the abdominal region.
By using different techniques in the abdominal area, each organ will release accumulated toxins from different poison sources such as bad food, medicaments and toxic emotions blocked since years ago. For patients with several digestive problems this therapy can be very useful.

Available Treatments

  • Massage

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