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Joseph completed a BSc Honours degree at the British School of Osteopathy in London, developing a deep understanding of the anatomy, bio-mechanics and physiology of the human body, and of its pathologies and dysfunctions, fundamental to diagnosis and treatment of ailments.

From the outset, Joseph showed a specialist interest in the treatment of sports injuries, and since qualifying, has been involved in the treatment and rehabilitation of Olympic athletes, professional footballers, boxers and other high-profile sportsmen and -women. Joseph took on a position with the MMA Clinic, treating professional fighters specialising in a variety of martial arts which led to working with Total Boxer to develop BoxingYoga for athletes, focusing on injury prevention and implemented with some prestigious clubs.

As an Osteopath, Joseph is committed to providing exclusive, tailor-made treatments of the highest standard, including, as part of the treatment package, providing sound (direct and written) clinical explanation and advice. He regards it as fundamental to recovery and secondary prevention that his patients understand in detail the nature of their problems and what they need to do to get back to normal activities as quickly as possible.

Treatment packages depend on the comprehensive and holistic diagnosis, determined from the case history, symptomatology and examination. Treatment may involve a multitude of techniques and treatment methods to facilitate relief of pain or discomfort, such as soft-tissue massage, joint manipulation, stretching and articulation, rehabilitative exercise, MET and PNF techniques, deep frictional massage, lymphatic drainage, traction, trans-cutaneous electrical neurological stimulation (TENS) (for pain relief), neuro-muscular stimulation (NMS), Kinesio taping, joint / muscle taping & strapping, and dry needling (Western acupuncture).

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