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Olivia discovered Osteopathy through her own sporting injuries obtained from her time as a classically trained dancer and horsewoman. After qualifying with a Masters degree from the internationally renowned British School of Osteopathy she worked with well-regarded practices in Central London where she further developed her skills in the health and fitness industry to address the specific concerns of men and women in the 21st century. Her enthusiasm for the body, tissues and movement make her approach unique and tailored for each individual.

Osteopathy Musculo-Skeletal Specialist

Olivia’s methodology centers around healing and the synchronization between body and mind. She tackles the complexity of the human body with a positive approach and her talent for diagnosing real underlying problems and not simply treating symptoms are the key to her success. Patient care is paramount, listening and understanding the causes of pain or discomfort allow her to successfully resolve issues.

Olivia has a wide repertoire of methods and uses specific techniques to adapt the best unique treatment for each person: from manipulations to dry-needling and soft tissue massage, she focuses on finding the most efficient treatment for each individual.

Medical professionals, personal trainers and alternative therapists also refer patients to her in order to maintain the body at its optimum performance levels or to restore its natural balance.


• Manipulations
• Soft-Tissue Massage
• Dry-Needling
• Cupping
• Craniosacral Therapy
• Visceral Techniques


• Posture
• Spinal Injuries
• Sport Injuries
• Pregnancy Related Issues
• Post Natal Care

Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Specialist

Olivia is passionate about the body and particularly about women’s health. Having studied at the De Gasquet Institute in Paris to qualify as a pelvic floor rehabilitation therapist and to develop her expertise in female physiology and biomechanics. Pelvic floor rehabilitation remains a taboo topic seldom discussed even in our modern society yet Olivia has continued to develop her skills and qualifications so she may help patients understand “how it all works” and be able to answer the “unasked” questions.

Olivia’s method is tailored to each woman and involves both manual as well as postural methods. She has a particular interest in scar tissue healing and the benefit of it as improving the biomechanics of rest of the body. These approaches are applicable to all post-partum care including post C-section deliveries.

Prevention: Understanding the pelvic floor and its function is especially beneficial for women prior to pregnancy and to improve labour. Olivia has a wide range of methods to help women prepare themselves to have a baby.


• Post natal care
• Ante natal care
• Incontinence bowel/bladder issues
• Pelvic floor dysfunctions
• Pelvic pain syndromes
• Prolapse problems
• Sexual dysfunctions
• Vulval pain

Available Treatments

  • Osteopathy

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