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Pauline de Jessey, a Remodelage Therapie specialist, practices at KX in Chelsea where she has been based for several years.

De Jessey’s method uses a unique approach to kick start the metabolism, get rid of cellulite and restore the body’s natural shape.

With over 10 years’ experience as a certified vinyasa yoga teacher, de Jessey’s technique is designed to bring fluidity to the body and to soften fatty deposits and harder fatty tissues (fibrosis). Her approach focuses on stretching and massaging away tissue blockage.

An initial consultation with de Jessey sees her assessing restrictions in the body through deep stretching which then allows her to manipulate congested areas. She looks for tissue saturation and gives consideration to the type of cellulite found in these areas. Her bespoke solution is a combination of targeted stretching influenced by her experience in yoga and deep fat deposit massage.

After a single session a sensation of relief and lightness can be felt, flexibility is enhanced and circulation improves, leaving the body feeling lighter. Attending one to two sessions per week, the body can be transformed, and De Jessey can help individuals take control of their figures again.

By releasing blockages and improving flexibility, the body gains a sensation of freedom, and mood and the ability to manage stress improves. Individuals will feel more relaxed and alive.

Unlike other slimming techniques, De Jessey’s objective is to treat the cause of cellulite and aims to get rid of it for good.

It is a fact that excessive blockage comes from our emotional state. Our bodies hold our history. Surgery, pregnancy and long-term treatments affect our balance, just as much as the water we drink, the food we eat, the air we breathe and how we feel. Everything contributes to our underlying stress. Our bodies can be overwhelmed and often respond by creating areas where toxins stagnate. By stretching and kneading the correct tissue, tensions and toxins can be released, allowing the body to breathe and emotions to be accepted.

Loving our bodies and taking back control is key to happiness and feeling our best in our social, work and family environments. De Jessey’s aim is to help you accept and love your body, and reach your highest potential.

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